How to Get Your Best Mortgage Rate

Trying to get your best mortgage rate is often frustrating. You are about to ask for more money than you've seen in your life. Your hopes and dreams are riding on a stranger's decision.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU -- for alllll the detailed and useful information you make available to us! You're invaluable -- Deborah M. from St. Louis
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For many, the thought of applying for a mortgage is nerve wracking because the process can feel mysterious.

Hi, my name is Kate Ford. I am also known as Ask Kate and Super Kate. I author this free informational website to answer mortgage questions and make sense of the bewildering home loan process.

Let Me Put Your Mind at Ease

You are an awesome advocate for consumers and responsible homeowners. This is a very rare qualification. -- Marlene from Colchester, CT

Let me put your mind at ease. You see, as a former mortgage broker for more than 20 years, I helped people finance their homes. As you can imagine, I became very adept at solving problems!

So even though your banker's lingo may be unfamiliar, I know how to translate the secret language of mortgage lending. Welcome to my website. I will be your guide!

Here's the first secret... Shopping for the lowest quote does not necessarily result in getting your best mortgage rate.

Kate's Mortgage Basics

I often frequent your site because of the valuable tips and articles. It's clear you truly love what you do and it's contagious! -- Rob N.

Let's start with the fundamentals.

Kate's Tips and Techniques

I had the opportunity to look through your website and was overwhelmed with the wealth of information. -- Kristina in Florida

Many of the following techniques are the exact methods I used when I originated mortgages for my borrowers. You are invited to use them too.

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Kate, thanks so much for all your help and for keeping me on the side of sane. You have really been a godsend. -- Deborah from Missouri

Ask Kate is a question and answer forum. It's also become the heart and soul of Get Your Best Mortgage Rate. People with questions write to me and I respond with personalized answers. Afterward, I publish the letters on this website for the benefit of all.

I'm often asked about...

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