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Trying to get your best mortgage rate is often frustrating. You are about to ask for more money than you've seen in your life. Your hopes and dreams are riding on a stranger's decision.

I had the opportunity to look through your website and was overwhelmed with the wealth of information. -- Kristina in Florida
Ask Kate about your mortgage!

For many, the thought of applying for a mortgage is nerve wracking because the process can feel mysterious.

Hi, my name is Kate Ford. I am also known as Ask Kate or Super Kate.

You may have heard of me. I was employed by one of the largest lending institutions in the United States where I oversaw millions in funding and managed sales teams.

After a number of financial mergers, I launched my own mortgage company.

Let Me Put Your Mind at Ease

Let me put your mind at ease. You see, as a former mortgage broker for more than 20 years, I helped people finance their homes. Yes, I became very adept at solving problems!

So even though your banker's lingo may be unfamiliar, I know how to translate the secret language of mortgage lending. Welcome to my website. I will be your guide!

Here's the first secret. Shopping for the lowest quote does not necessarily result in getting your best mortgage rate.

You are an awesome advocate for consumers and responsible homeowners. This is a very rare qualification. -- Marlene from Colchester, CT
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU -- for alllll the detailed and useful information you make available to us! You're invaluable -- Deborah M. from St. Louis

Kate's Mortgage Basics

Let's start with the fundamentals.

  • Improve and preserve your credit score ratings
  • Blueprint to a home buyer's dream team
  • How to refinance your mortgage
  • Reverse mortgage income for seniors
  • Fixed rate mortgage options
  • Crack the code of adjustable rate mortgages
  • Untangle VA and FHA loan guidelines
  • Nuts and bolts of lender's mortgage insurance (PMI)
  • Successfully lock interest rates
  • Avoid the dreaded home foreclosure
Kate, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for encouraging me to be more responsible with my credit. -- KB

Kate's Tips and Techniques

Many of the following techniques are the exact methods I used when I was helping people refinance and buy homes. You are invited to use them too.

  • Calculating house payments with ease
  • Stay current with today's mortgage rates and trends
  • Your banker doesn't know how much you can afford
  • Insist on pre-approval before buying a home
  • What to do if your loan approval develops hiccups
  • Get your ducks in a row with my checklist
  • Understanding good faith estimates
  • How to reduce mortgage closing costs
I often frequent your site because of the valuable tips and articles. It's clear you truly love what you do and it's contagious! -- Rob N.

Ask Kate About Your Mortgage

Ask Kate is a question and answer forum. It's also become the heart and soul of Get Your Best Mortgage Rate. People with questions write to me and I respond with personalized answers. Afterward, I publish the letters on this website for the benefit of all.

I'm often asked about...

Ask Kate for mortgage answers!
  • HARP 2.0 refinance
  • HAMP loan modification
  • Credit score ratings
  • Buying a first home
  • Refinancing a home mortgage
  • Reverse mortgage refinancing
  • Adjustable rate home mortgage
  • VA and FHA loan requirements
  • Canceling the cost of PMI
  • Locking mortgage rates
  • Comparing rates and closing costs
  • Finding the best lender
Kate, thanks so much for all your help and for keeping me on the side of sane. You have really been a godsend. -- Deborah from Missouri

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