The 25 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage:
A Reason to Dream

The 25 year fixed rate mortgage combines the security of a 30 year fixed home loan enhanced by a slightly lower interest rate. It is a popular alternative among homeowners seeking a low fixed rate mortgage with faster amortization.

Long Term Fixed Rate Mortgages

Because the 25 year fixed rate is one of the long term fixed rate mortgages, it spells security for homeowners. Similar to the 30 year fixed rate mortgage, the mortgage payment and interest rate remain stable throughout the entire term.

How would it feel? Every month, you'd know exactly how much to budget for your monthly house payments. No surprises!

25 Year Amortization Means Freedom

If you anticipate life style changes in less than 30 years, this might be the mortgage for you. The 25 year fixed mortgage amortization pays off after 300 monthly payments.

For those approaching retirement in 25 years, this low fixed rate mortgage could mean freedom from house payments. It gives a homeowner reason to dream.

Since the 25 year fixed mortgage pays off sooner than the 30 year mortgage, the monthly mortgage payment is a little higher. Of course the benefit to you is a lower interest rate.

Calculate a 25 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Payment

To calculate payments, visit the Easy Home Mortgage Payment Calculator page. You can even view and print your own amortization schedule.

25 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Pay Off

So if you are looking for a mortgage that pays off sooner than a 30 year fixed rate mortgage but still has an affordable monthly payment, the 25 year fixed mortgage may be just the mortgage for you.

It's a low fixed rate mortgage and a great alternative to the 30 year mortgage. Oh yes, it gives a homeowner reason to dream. That's for sure!

Now go to the 15 year fixed rate mortgage to see how you can pay off your mortgage.

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