Let's talk affordable home decor... because who isn't on a budget?

There's rarely a new homeowner with a mortgage payment who isn't on a budget. This calls for affordable (and guilt-free) home decor. But hey, I've gotten ahead of myself. Let's back up.

After scrimping and saving the down payment, you shopped within your budget for a place to call your own. Not only that, you insisted on an affordable mortgage payment. Job well done!

When moving day finally arrived, you were beside yourself with anticipation. You owned a home at last. How exciting.

That is, until you noticed how shabby your sofa looks in the new family room. But you can just forget about replacing it, right? The home inspector already pointed out the water heater will need replacing before the year is up.

Affordable Home Decor... on a Budget

Even so, the days following the move left you craving for more color in the family room, unless you intend to avoid that end of the house altogether. Or shiver through icy showers.

In other words, how can you pay for a new water heater and rid your home of drab?

Well, obviously, the plumber's bill must take priority. That's a given. But after you've assured yourself of hot water, the fun of personalizing your home can begin. Welcome to homeownership!

Contemporary Decorative Pillows

One of the most simple and affordable ways to modernize the look of your family room is to add message throw pillows.

For a modest amount of money, they will inject personality - and attitude - into a lifeless room.

Browse, purchase, and toss. That's it, a guilt-free makeover for homeowners on a budget!

Decorative (and Holiday) Pillow Covers with Inserts

Besides endless choices in color, style, and size, you can also buy decorative throw pillow covers and inserts.

Initially, this will take a bit more investment since for each finished pillow, there are two pieces to buy. But when the next holiday rolls around and you want to add seasonal cheer to the sofa, all you'll need to do is switch pillow covers. Before you know it, you'll own a year-round collection to choose from.

Bonus, covers can be laundered.

Here's another thought! Don't thow out tattered throw pillows. Instead, button them up in a stylish new cover of the same dimensions.

One last tip, toss in a uniquely sized pillow or two for variety.

Have fun browsing the pillow collections! And by the way, this is just the first installment of my affordable home decor tips because... it's not enough to own a home... and it's not enough to have an affordable mortgage. You should be able to enjoy it too!

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