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Ask Kate Unzips Mortgage Rate Lock

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Refundable Mortgage Lock In Fee - Since the bank canceled my mortgage due to mold being discovered, do I have a shot at recovering my rate lock fees?

Mortgage Rate Lock Cancellation Fees - For a powerful home loan company to never complete a loan process yet charge fees to a mortgage borrower, well, that is disheartening.

Break A Residential Construction Loan Interest Rate Lock - Now that the market has trended down, I asked about a mortgage rate float-down and they stone walled.

Interest Rate Lock In Agreement Problem - We were supposed to close in a couple of days and got the dreaded call that closing was going to be delayed because they adjusted our mortgage rate.

Interest Rate Locked - I have a signed interest rate disclosure document. Now I have to pay points because the appraised value is lower. Can the bank do that?

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Interest Rate Lock And Mortgage Information - Kate, Is the worse case scenario about rates true? Are there other options without re-locking the rate?

Ask Kate, Should I lock in my FHA loan at 5.75 percent? - My wife and I do not want to get stuck with a mortgage rate even higher than...

Deposits For Mortgage Lock-Ins - If I cancel my mortgage application, is the lender required to refund my lock-in fees?

APR Explained - What is the difference between the locked mortgage rate and effective APR?

Truth in Lending Act - Do I pay a fee for breaking a mortgage rate lock?

Mortgage Rate Locks Delayed - Is it legal for mortgage rate locks to be delayed?

Lowering Your Mortgage Payment - Oh No! My rates went up!

Unlocking mortgage rate locks - Is it possible to unlock an interest rate?

Lock or float my interest rate? - They're also offering 1.5% discount on home price and $2500 off closing costs...

Mortgage rate lock and avoiding hidden fees - When we were at closing we were hit with 4.5% and 1 point. Is this legal?

Locking In Mortgage Rates Ask Kate: We thought we were closing our loan at 6% but 8 months later I realize it's locked in at 6.5%.

Mortgage Rate Lock In Writing - He did not lock my loan because he felt confident rates would not change. Now he is refusing...

Rate Lock and Mortgage Refinance Problems - I know it was a verbal lock in over the phone but...

Locking Mortgage Rates - I just received the documentation from the lender and to my surprise the rate lock fee is $2,050.

To Lock An Interest Rate Or Not - Or should I lock since the current mortgage rates are so low...

Mortgage Rate Locks Ask Kate: How do interest rate locks work?

Mortgage Rate Lock Unzipped (Continued)

Timing Mortgage Rate Lock - Meaning, should I go ahead and lock in now, or wait?

Mortgage Rates And Refinancing - I only wish I had read your website prior to...

How To Lock A Mortgage Rate Ask Kate: Do I have to have a contract in order to lock a rate?

Refinancing And Mortgage Interest Rate Lock Deposit - I wonder when should I lock in a rate?

Need Refinancing Advice-Break Mortgage Rate Lock Ask Kate: Could we be responsible for other fees as well?

Refinancing Advice Needed For Mortgage Rate Lock - Can we take advantage of this latest federal fix?

Refinancing Advice For Ethics and Breaking Locks Ask Kate: Is it unethical to cancel and reapply for lower rates?

Refinancing My Mortgage - I want to lock mortgage rates at more than one bank. Now what?

Pros and Cons - Readers' Views on Breaking Locks

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Break Mortgage Rate Lock Or Not - Breaking a lock is a tough question considering the present market conditions...

Upfront Mortgage Rate Lock Talk - If my broker was unwilling to re-negotiate my interest rate...

Mortgage Rate Lock Ethics And Penalties - Assume if you switch lenders your broker will be penalized, then what?

Refinancing And Mortgage Rate Lock - It may not be the most ethical, but I would have to refinance at the lower rate.

Lowest Mortgage Rate Lock - My financial security is more important to me than the broker losing the deal.

Switch Mortgage Rate Lock or Not - What goes around comes around and in the end doing something like this is liable to come back and bite you back.

Buying A House And Locking Interest Rates - I don't want to know if rates went any lower.

Refinancing And Mortgage Rate Lock Advice - I generally avoid conflict so I'd be unlikely to "betray" a mortgage lender.

Mortgage Rate Refinancing Advice - Instead of negotiating a new rate, we re-locked at a lower rate.

Mortgage Rate Refinance Story - Lock in these low mortgage rates because in my opinion they will not last much longer.

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