Best Fixed Rate Mortgage Tips
Combo Loans for Lowest Payments

Discover peace of mind with the best fixed rate mortgage by creating a combination loan. You can do this even if you currently have a 30 or 40 year fixed rate mortgage.

How to Create a Combination Loan

Create your own combination loan, combining the 40 year fixed rate mortgage and 15 year fixed rate mortgage.

Mortgage calculator

Assure yourself of the lowest fixed payment possible. Yet pay your mortgage down as quickly as you like. All you need are my tips.

How much can you save? Visit the Home Mortgage Payment Calculator to easily view your mortgage payments.

Review Best Fixed Rate Mortgage Options

Remember Forrest Gump? While they polished their boots together, his friend Bubba described the many ways his mama cooked shrimp. Quoting from the movie Forrest Gump...

There's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich...

Just like Bubba's shrimp, the best fixed rate mortgage comes in different flavors... the 30 year fixed rate mortgage, 40 year fixed rate mortgage, a 25 year fixed rate mortgage, 20 year fixed rate mortgage, and the popular 15 year fixed rate mortgage.

For a unique twist, consider cheapest fixed rate mortgages or affordable fixed rate interest only mortgage loans.

Meet Kate Ford - Your Mortgage Insider

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Hi, my name is Kate and I'm a retired mortgage broker. For over 20 years, I helped thousands of people borrow millions of dollars. I understood the inner working of loan programs and gave my clients these tips to getting their best fixed mortgages.

Now I've created this website to share my tips with you.

Principle One:

  • The longer the term (years), the lower the mortgage payment
  • The longer the term (years), more interest is paid
  • The longer the term (years), the slower the principal is paid off

Tip: If you want the lowest mortgage payment, ask your bank about a 40 year term.

Principle Two:

  • The shorter the term (years), the higher the mortgage payment
  • The shorter the term (years), less interest is paid
  • The shorter the term (years), the quicker the principal is paid off

Tip: If you want the mortgage paid off quickly, 15 year terms are an excellent option.

Compare Fixed Rate Mortgage Payments

Compare the following estimated monthly payments based on borrowing $200,000 at 6%.

  • 40 year fixed rate mortgage - $1100
  • 30 year fixed rate mortgage - $1199
  • 25 year fixed rate mortgage - $1288
  • 20 year fixed rate mortgage - $1432
  • 15 year fixed rate mortgage - $1687

Tip: Remember to add 1/12 of the annual insurance premium and property taxes to the payments shown above.

Mortgage calculator

For more help on budgeting mortgage payments, click here for How Much House Can I Afford?

Visit the Home Mortgage Payment Calculator to figure your mortgage payments easily.

Kate's Combo Mortgage Secret

OK, finally, here is my little secret!

  1. Pick a longer term for the lowest payments, like a 40 year fixed rate mortgage.
  2. Make extra principal payments if you desire to pay less interest and reduce the principal faster, similar to having a 15 year fixed rate mortgage.
  3. Then during a month when you need a lower payment, you'll have a safety net of the 40 year fixed rate mortgage.

Remember to use Kate's little secret to combine the best of both worlds, the advantages to a 15 year fixed rate mortgage, rapid principal pay down, with the safety net of the 40 year fixed rate mortgage, lower monthly payments.

Where Do You Want to Go Next?

Adjustable mortgage rates if carefully researched and understood can be appropriate under certain circumstances, depending on your goals.

Residential construction loans are home mortgages designed for building a house. They come with long term and permanent financing options.

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