Best Mortgage Advice Be Cautious

by Ed
(Portland, OR)

My best mortgage advice is to do your own homework and remember, it is real money and not just figures on a sheet of paper. We were recently looking to purchase a home. A Real Estate agent showed us numerous homes over a three week period.

When we found one we were interest in purchasing, she recommended a mortgage broker. We have previously owned homes in other states and were familiar with mortgage costs and procedures.

The first thing the broker requested in addition to our names was all our personal information and financial information. I explained we were first interested in hearing abut the various rates and fees.

He thought a moment, and said that he didn't want to waste his time if we were not ready to have him obtain a mortgage for us.

Needless to say, we left his office, told the agent we were not interested in her recommendation of a mortgage broker and would get our own financing, which we did in two days.

My mortgage advice is to do your own homework and remember, it is real money and not just figures on a sheet of paper.

Kate's Best Mortgage Advice Comment

Ed, you know what I say... It's your house and your mortgage. No one else cares about it more than you. You worked hard for home ownership. You deserve the best mortgage!

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