Best Mortgage Advice How I Picked A Realtor

by Home Seller from South Eastern USA

Regarding best mortgage advice for how I picked a Realtor: Dear Kate, My best mortgage advice for home owners selling a home is this. I know quite a few Real Estate Agents but I was also well aware that a person's success and personality were not the only requirements necessary to find the best person to sell my house!

In my situation, I needed to sell a house for a reasonable price as quickly as possible due to a divorce and an out-of-town relocation. For a number of reasons, the house was no longer occupied by the time it went on the market. I needed to find an agent who was reliable, motivated, and who would truly put forth a good amount of energy in selling a starter home (in a neighborhood of small-ish homes) -- even though the real estate market is slow at the moment and the listing price for the house was just under $100,000.

I talked to several Realtor friends both in my area and in other markets. They all agreed (even those in my market but not my specific neighborhood) that I should find someone with a bit of a specialization in my immediate area.

I began noticing nearby listings and how quickly the homes sold. One Realtor stood out: she was the listing agent for the two homes that sold the fastest and for better prices than the others in my immediate neighborhood. I was going to call her, but ended up running into her while she was setting up the house across the street for an open house; that house (in much better condition than mine) sold within two weeks.

This real estate agent continued to stand out from the rest through energetic follow-up, and choosing her was a very easy decision. Even though the house needed quite a bit of work and the market is slow, she staged it in such a way that we found a buyer (with a better-than-expected offer and no contingency issues) within about 2 months. The sale has not yet closed, but I've been extremely happy with my choice and will certainly use the same approach -- no matter where I live -- the next time I need to sell a house.

My best advice to other sellers in this tight real estate market is that the choice of listing agent can be the single greatest factor in selling a house quickly and for a reasonable price. Look at recent sales in your area: which Realtor(s) seem to sell more homes in your neighborhood?

In my experience, personal energy, attention to detail, staging skills, and familiarity with the individual neighborhood are much more important than instant name recognition or flashy advertising.

Kate Answers: Best Mortgage Advice How I Picked A Realtor

Dear Home Seller,
Thanks so much for your best mortgage advice full of great tips for home owners selling in the current real estate market.

Choosing the right real estate agent can be easy with your great advice. Look for enthusiasm, attention to detail, knowledge of staging, and individual neighborhood experience, all great tips for picking your best Realtor.

By the way, what does advice concerning picking a real estate agent have to do with mortgages? Most sellers become home buyers. The more money a seller makes selling a house, the faster the house sells and the less hassle encountered, the more money, time, energy and attention can be directed to getting the best mortgage rate for the next home.

Best Wishes To Home Sellers,

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