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Readers Ask Kate about Best Mortgage Rates for Refinancing

Certificate Of Occupancy
 - I am scheduled to close on my house on Friday and need to locate the certificate of occupancy.

How To Pay Off A Mortgage Early - Kate, Thank you for this wonderful website. We are trying to get out of debt before we retire. Should we refinance?

Additional Ask Kate Refinance Help

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IRS And Refinance Trouble - Hi Kate, My husband and I are refinancing our 30 year fixed mortgage. Should I just forget kiss this refinance goodbye?

Cash Out Mortgage Refinancing- I have asked to cash out 25,000 dollars. The question asking why I want the money seems particularly offensive.

How To Calculate Your Debt To Income Ratio - Just as a physician who treats himself has a fool for a doctor, I'd like to remind you that debt ratio calculations are guidelines, not rules.

Finding Best Mortgage Deals - Is $7600 yield spread premium too much to pay?

Cash Out Mortgage Refinancing - How soon can a homeowner refinance after buying a house?

Can mortgage coborrowers force homeowners to refinance or sell a house?

Kim from Norwalk laments refinance confusion - I had no intention to increase my mortgage balance by $11,000!

Catherine's question can be found at I need help knowing how to compare mortgages

Mortgage Refinancing Questions - How do we get our money back from the bank?

Mortgage Coborrower - How do I add my wife as a mortgage co-borrower and will it affect my monthly payments?

Is there any such thing as no cost mortgage refinancing

What is the cost of refinancing - How do I know if the cost of refinancing is worthwhile?

Family trust and mortgage Refinance - I am having trouble finding a lender who will give us a loan without changing the house over to our name.

What's up with appraisal fees - How can I be prepared to get the best deal?

Mortgage refinancing after a break up - PLEASE Kate I'm in despair.

Debt Consolidation And Mortgage Refinancing Questions - Is consolidating is even a good idea?

Mortgage Refinance Help - Do I have to pay this $119.74 that was overlooked at closing?

More Questions at Best Mortgage Rates for Refinancing

Refinance And Choice of Closing Attorney - I thought I was able to choose my closing agent.

Home Refinancing Questions - Who To Trust?

Paying Mortgage Prepayment Penalty To Refinance - Would it make sense to try to break my mortgage and pay the penalty?

Refinancing To A Fixed Mortgage Rate - Am I stuck with an adjustable mortgage rate loan or can I actually get a fixed mortgage rate loan?

Alternative Mortgage Financing - Can I still count that as a home mortgage for my tax interest deductions and my parsonage expense?

Home Refinancing Tips - Please help, getting older every day.

Refinancing Rental Properties - Do you know of any options to get out of this upside down loan?

Refinancing My Mortgage - What lines should I scrutinize on the new loan documents?

Certificate Of Occupancy Permit Question - Can I refinance without a certificate of occupancy permit?

Refinancing Problems After Closing - I'm not usually asked about refinancing problems after closing.

How Much Mortgage Can You Afford - My good friend needs $155,000 mortgage for a divorce settlement.

Refinancing A Mortgage Rate - Should I refinance to go from 6.3% down to a 5% interest rate.

Mortgage Refinance And Rates - Our appraisal came back at $245,000 so we were not able to move forward with the refinance.

Refinancing Advice Needed To Pay Off A House - If I can find a credit card offering 3.9 percent, I'd be interested to to use it to pay off my mortgage.

Mortgage Rates And Refinancing - It is very cavalier of the loan officer to say it is only $50 but for many parents that is a lot of money each month.

Refinancing Advice For Low Mortgage Payments - Can you tell me how to find a good dependable mortgage company, one that will have my best interest?

Need Refinancing Advice To Avoid Foreclosure - But it doesn't pay enough to pay the mortgage, child support and the rest of the bills.

More Questions at Best Mortgage Rates for Refinancing

Refinancing Advice-Documentary Stamp Tax - Florida is asking me to pay some sort of tax that was not paid by the refinance company back then.

Refinancing Advice For House Values - I'm afraid we won't get a loan at all because my house value has dropped so severely.

Getting Ready To Refinance - I think the last time we refinanced we were probably taken advantage in more ways than one.

Refinance Decision Require Savings - If they had that much money in the bank they would not have to refinance.

Confused In Need of Refinancing Advice - Never thought I would get divorced but now that I am and I own the home I am worried about everything.

Seeking Refinancing Advice - If you think the mortgage company is charging extra payments what can you do and how to prove it.

Homeowner Considers Refinancing - Would I be wasting my time trying to refinance to save my house and not get further behind?

Refinancing Advice Why Rates Change Before Closing - The amount of money I needed to pay at closing changed.

Confused In Need of Refinancing Advice - I do not understand which is points, PMI, type of ARM etc.

When Is It Smart To Refinance A Home Mortgage - Is one percent difference enough of a savings to refinance?

Mortgage Refinancing Advice - Although I currently have a mortgage with a reputable nationwide loan company, can I and should I shop around?

How To Refinance and Break Even - How much should I pay in closing fees? Should these fees be rolled into the new loan?

Refinance Frustrations - Is there any way to get banks to lower fees and still keep their rates low?

Contact Kate To Know If Refinancing Is Worth the Cost - Are the added closing costs worth it?

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