Buying A House With Water Test Requirement

by Laurie from Maine USA

Regarding buying a house with water test requirement: Last minute request for water test, after closing was scheduled. Now being postponed again. We are rushing results. They insist on waiting a day to close.


What can we do to make the loan close as scheduled? Can we contact the lender ourselves and not the mortgage broker?

Kate Answers: Buying A House With Water Test Requirement

***zz-portrait-left.shtml*** Dear Laurie, Not closing on time really stinks for both home buyers and sellers. Somebody overlooked the water test or did not realize it would be required. But no matter the reason, closing late is a huge inconvenience and costly.

There are no laws I know of saying who you can and can't contact during a real estate transaction. Even so, most wholesale mortgage lenders will not speak directly to borrowers. But over the years, I've seen an exception to pretty much everything in lending!

What I'd recommend first is contacting your Realtor and asking under the circumstances how you could command attention. Believe me, your real estate agent wants to get your transaction closed also so enlist your agent and together hopefully you can spark some attention.

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Water Test Requirement for Mortgage Loan But No One Is Sure Which Test.

Kate, I have a mortgage loan application and there is a requirement to get a water test because the home has a well.

I asked several water-testing facilities AND the lender, but no one is exactly sure what I am supposed to be getting a test for specifically.

Do you have experience with any water test requirements, such as what data is commonly sought after regarding the test?

Hi, Kate here. A common water test required to mortgage a home with a well is to determine water purity and rule out the presence of contaminates, for example, E. Coli.

There are also well tests commonly used in drought areas called Well Flow Tests to determine the well's capacity. This test will measure how many gallons of water per minute the well is capable of delivering.

But since requirements vary from area to area, insist that the lender informs you of their specific water test in detail. Otherwise this puts you at a ridiculous disadvantage.

What do they expect? You should get water test after water test until you luck out by tripping across their actual requirement? Don't settle for this nonsense. You deserve a professional mortgage lender!

Best wishes with your mortgage financing, Kate

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