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Welcome to Capital Solutions Directory. Getting cash for your notes could be the solution to a down payment. Do you own seller financed residential mortgage notes? Don't tie up your money when you could be using it to buy a house!

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Need a down payment? If you are sitting on a gold mine of privately held notes, the answer to buying a house could be right at your fingertips. Increase your cash flow or create a documented down payment by cashing in your owner carry-back residential mortgage notes.

Capital Solutions Directory

Smith & Son Financial Svcs

Veronica Smith 862-600-0562
Smith & Son Financial Svcs - 28 Spring Street, Paterson, NJ 07501 USA

Are you receiving monthly payments because of carrying back a mortgage? Call Smith & Son Financial Svcs. We're here to help. We specialize in getting you one lump sum for you monthly payments. If you have a note please contact us at 862-600-0562.

U.S.Goldust International

Valerie Robinson and Brenda Conner 800-816-1046
U.S.Goldust International - 1020 Stratford Drive East, Bourbonnais, IL 60914 USA

US Goldust International is a national cash flow business that can buy Part or All future payments or series of payments for cash today. We buy and sell mortgages, trust deed notes, business notes, structured court settlements and lottery winnings. Our mission is to solve individual and business cash flow concerns. Call Valerie Robinson and Brenda Conner today Toll Free.

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Capital Solutions Directory

Cash for Notes

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