Cheated By Financial Bailout Plan

by Amber Lee from Grand Forks, North Dakota USA

Regarding Cheated By Financial Bailout Plan: I worked hard to make the payments on my mortgage as interest rates went up. I feel that if I hadn't worked so hard I would have been awarded the financial bailout plan forgiveness too. I think if people take out loans they can't honor they should have consequences!


Who wants to pay my bills for me? I don't go to buy a house and not consider how much it is going to cost or the price of utilities. I had to figure things out and make sure I could afford it.

This Financial Bail Out Plan is complete deception! I feel completely wronged. If the government wants to forgive mortgages and student loans, why not everyone's? Why punish the people who are working hard to maintain everything they deserve? I feel very cheated.

I cannot believe the American Way is to be rewarded and taken care of when they are too lazy to research their abilities before requesting loans they can't pay. If you know you have a debt you should be working to pay it.

Now a days I see people capable of working who would rather sit on welfare because they can. Why work if someone is going to pay the bills for you? This Financial Bail Out Plan is the same idea and just enforces the laziness of this country. I bet all our soldiers are still paying their debts though. Misleading through and through! --Amber Lee from Grand Forks



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