Confused In Need of Refinancing Advice

by Keith

Ask Kate: Confused In Need of Refinancing Advice I need advice. I always get confused with mortgage lenders who have been speaking in puzzles. I currently own a house and since interest rates are low now, I am thinking about refinancing, but I get confused with the which one is good mortgage lender.

I am doing lot of searching but keep going in circles. I do not understand which is points, pmi, type of arm etc.

Please help with refinancing advice, tips and tricks to find a better mortgage lender.

Kate Answers: Confused In Need of Refinancing Advice

Dear Keith, Mortgage lenders have been speaking a language that is different from the ordinary person on the street. No wonder most home buyers and even home owners feel confused. You are not alone!

Because choosing your lender is so important to a successful mortgage experience, I dedicated my first few pages on to my secrets for selecting the best mortgage lender.

First of all it is important to get your ducks in a row. The best lenders are busy and will pay more attention to someone who cares enough to prepare just a little before shopping for a lender. Go to my 10 Best Kept Secrets To Low Mortgage Payments to discover how easy it is.

Next, my secrets to selecting a lender are far different from anything you learned in school. Now you are ready for Easy Questions To Ask A Lender.

But don't stop there! How To Refinance And Save Money along with my personal mortgage planner will increase your luck.

Everyone wishes they could understand the lingo used by mortgage lenders. I show how to sort out the confusion over mortgage closing costs here.

Any refinancing advice you could ever need is found on my website But if you ever come up with more questions, don't hesitate to ask. It's simple with Contact Kate! Ask Kate!

Best Wishes,

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