Congressional Fat Cats Financial Bailout

by snale21 from Morgantown, WV

Regarding Congressional Fat Cats Financial Bailout: Every one of you corrupt Washington fat cats need to be thrown out on your ear for passing the financial bailout plan! First you wrecked the mortgage industry by getting the government involved in an industry it doesn’t belong and you speed billions of our hard earned dollars your pet projects.


Wooden arrow? Bicycle tax credit? What is wrong with you people? The government is suppose to provide safety and infrastructure. It is not your job to play Robin Hood. Quit taking our money to give to people who don’t work to earn it.

America was always the land of opportunity, a place where people could go and work hard to succeed and become wealthy. That isn’t necessary anymore, all you have to do is know the way to your local government office, they will give you a check every month.

Want more money? No problem have more kids, we’ll pay you for each one. You know, this financial bailout cycle will not support itself. Why should I go to work? Your just going to take more of my money, what is in it for me? Maybe I will just head down to the local welfare and get on your payroll. Then what? Who will pay for all your pork barrel then? You should be ashamed of yourselves. --snale21 from Morgantown, WV



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