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by Problems With US Credit Card
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We need consumer credit help. We applied for a US credit card from a large department store last summer. When we received the monthly credit card statements, I would send back a payment that day. Because it would not get to the department store in time, we have months of late payments for only THAT card.

How do we improve what this has done?

Kate Answers: Consumer Credit Help

Dear Problems With US Credit Card,

US credit cards provide convenience and a means to strengthen your credit history. You are smart to seek out consumer credit help since the late payments are detrimental to your credit scoring.

First of all, have you considered an automatic payment plan so you are not depending on the mail to transmit your payment? Although this will not fix bad credit history, electronic payment is one means of avoiding future late payments.

Check with the department store providing the credit card for electronic payment options.

Another easy option is to begin using bill payer service through your bank. With online bill paying, proof of the payment date is evident.

Next, contact all major credit reporting bureaus to file a dispute since you mailed back your payments timely. It may be necessary to provide copies of the canceled checks, so contact your bank today to request them. Or simply print copies online if your bank makes that available. Print front AND back.

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Best Wishes,

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