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Ask Kate is your opportunity to contact Kate, a mortgage insider, to ask whatever you want regarding mortgage financing.

Banks speak a secret language that is different from the ordinary person on the street.

FHA, VA, PMI, DTI, FNMA, FHLMC, 1003, VOD, HARP, HAMP! How much lingo can an industry create? I understand why homeowners and home buyers might feel puzzled.

So, go ahead. Ask Kate your mortgage question, even if you are not sure exactly how to ask it. Every question is a good question. Then afterward, view a list of questions answered by Kate near the bottom of the page.

Thank you so much for responding so quickly to my question regarding my mortgage. You are an angel sent to us that are so worried and can't get any answers. - Amy in Highland, CA

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Quick Links: Making Home Affordable Refinance | Rate Lock | Refinance | Home Buyer | PMI | Credit | FHA - VA | ARM | Reverse Mortgage | Tips | Lender

Ask Kate about your mortgage today!

1. Ask Kate: Making Home Affordable Program - Making Home Affordable, New HARP 2.0 Refinance, HAMP Loan Modification, FHA Short Refinance, Strategic Default, Short Sale answers.

2. Ask Kate: Mortgage Rate Lock - What heats up any conversation more than broken mortgage rate locks? Vent and find solutions here.

3. Ask Kate: Refinance - Most recent questions from homeowners who are refinancing their mortgages.

4. Ask Kate: Home Buying - Learn about buying a house and getting financing. It's the American Dream after all!

5. Ask Kate: Private Mortgage Insurance - Are you paying PMI? Is it your friend or foe? Do you know how to get PMI off your mortgage?

6. Ask Kate: Improve Credit - Improving your credit rating will also improve your life. Find how to maintain long lasting results.

7. Ask Kate: FHA and VA - Clear the fog. The straight facts on VA and FHA loan requirements.

8. Ask Kate: Adjustable Rates - Do you have an adjustable rate home mortgage? Ask Kate the nitty gritty ARM questions.

9. Ask Kate: Reverse Mortgage - Reverse Mortgage information from Ask Kate. It's like a cash-out mortgage for Seniors minus the payment!

10. Ask Kate: Mortgage Tips - A potpourri of savvy home mortgage tips.

11. Ask Kate: Compare Rates and Lenders - Readers ask how to find lenders and compare interest rates.

Go here to Ask Kate your own question about a mortgage.

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