Credit Report Monitoring
How to Stop Identity Theft

Credit report monitoring safeguards your personal information, credit reports, and scores. If you're wondering how to stop identity theft before it negatively impacts your mortgage approval, you'll be happy to know that establishing your line of defense can be quite economical.

How to Stop Identity Theft: Meet Wilson

Here is my friend Wilson's story about protecting his credit and keeping it strong.

He called me yesterday to update me on his progress!

You see, Wilson was determined to safeguard his personal information from identity theft.

So he subscribed to an identity theft protection service that includes credit report monitoring to stop identity theft before it happens.

10 Steps for Fixing Bad Credit

You might remember Wilson. A few years ago, he hit a rough patch during his divorce. He tuned out of life for awhile and ignored his bills.

It wasn't characteristic of him to be irresponsible. But that's how his creditors seemed to feel about him. Intimidating letters and persistent phone calls finally woke up Wilson last year. What a mess he was in.

That's when he began to use my 10 basic steps for fixing bad credit.

How to Prevent Identity Theft

Just as important, my friend vowed to subscribe to a monitoring service that would be the guard dog of his personal information, credit reports & scores, and even his computer.

Wilson recently learned shopping online, using a credit card, having a bank account, or simply being employed makes your personal information available to thieves.

So you can understand the relief he felt yesterday when he received an email alert from his new service. Although learning an unauthorized credit inquiry had just registered at the bureaus in his name, Wilson knew he possessed a powerful advantage.

Thanks to credit report monitoring, Wilson had greater control over identity theft... before the damage set in.

Protects Credit Reports & Scores, Personal Identity, and Computers

Here's what he's getting...

  • Monitoring of 3 major credit bureaus with alerts.
  • Instant online access to 3-bureau credit report.
  • Instant online access to credit scores from 3 major bureaus.
  • Instant alerts to changes online.
  • Public record database scanning.
  • Social security number protection.
  • Identity theft score to predict risk threat.
  • Spyware software.
  • Facebook privacy monitoring.
  • Lost wallet protection.
  • Computer and email protection.
  • Around-the-clock on call protection specialists, 365 days of the year.

Last year, paying old collections improved Wilson's credit score ratings. This year, he stepped it up a notch with a proven solution to protect his credit report, scores, and personal identity from the devastating effects of identity theft.

Ask Kate

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