Does Fannie or Freddie Own My Mortgage

by Nat from Maryland

Ask Kate does Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac own my mortgage loan: Dear Kate, My huge nationwide lender says they don't know who owns my mortgage. I bought my home in 2007 and my mortgage has a 6.125 interest rate. I have never missed a payment but my home is now severely under water.

Nat continues... When I found out about the HARP program (through your website), I contacted another mortgage lender to find out if I qualified for HARP because as the years have gone by I've lost trust in my bank.

According to that mortgage lender, my loan is owned by Fannie Mae. So because I meet the other HARP qualification criteria, this lender said I should be able to qualify for HARP. But I would have to apply for HARP through my original mortgage lender.

So I contacted them and was quickly told that I don't qualify because my loan is not owned by Fannie or Freddie. When I asked who owns my mortgage, they told me, "We don't know who owns your mortgage."

I didn't understand their explanation. If the bank doesn't know who owns my mortgage, then who receives my monthly payments?

Then they told me because my home is so underwater, I don't qualify for a refinance or any type of loan modification.

Can you tell me how I find out who owns my mortgage, and how I might be able to obtain a refi or loan modification. Would another lender be able to help me out?

If I can't refinance, what else can I do to help myself get to a better financial position? Should I start paying extra "principal only payments" to help lower the interest, or are there other options to consider?

If you think making extra monthly payments is the answer, what percentage of my mortgage should I pay? I've read suggestions that you should make extra payments that will equal a 13th mortgage payment per year? Thank you in advance for your advice on this matter.

Kate Answers: Does Fannie or Freddie Own My Mortgage Loan

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Dear Nat,

Ridiculously bad behavior for an enormous bank. Really shameful.

So do this. Call Fannie Mae yourself at 1-800-7FANNIE and do what the bank should have.

You can also call Freddie Mac at 1-800-FREDDIE.

New! Find participating Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Lenders here!

Can Your Mortgage Loan Be Too Far Underwater for HARP 2

As far as being underwater, your mortgage can't be too far underwater now due to HARP 2. Loan to value restrictions were lifted, after all.

HARP 2.0 Refinance Updates

The HARP program has been extended through December 31, 2016! Go here for an overview of the HARP 2.0 Program.

Make your voice heard to Congress! How to contact Washington DC about the HARP program.

But it is important to note that HARP 2 features are being rolled out incrementally. A few improvements here and a few there.

Look for announcements in the blue box on this page or at my Best Mortgage Rate Blog.

How to Shop for HARP Lenders

Back to who owns your loan. If you find out that either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac owns your mortgage, call your bank back with the news and see how they react.

But you can also shop and compare other lenders. Go to How to Compare Mortgage Lenders with Ease and How to Reduce Mortgage Refinancing Costs for tips based on my years of experience originating mortgages and working one on one with borrowers.

Freddie Mac Participating HARP 2.0 Lender List (Partial)


  • First Northern Bank of Dixon - 800-682-8648
  • Tri Counties Bank - 800-922-8742

Eastern States:

  • CUSO Development - 866-482-1414 &
    Member Advantage Mortgage - 866-203-6664
  • Evergreen Home Loans - 800-459-5331

Great Lakes States:

  • Devon Bank - 773-465-2500

Multiple States:

  • - 888-793-2167
  • Bridgeview Bank Mortgage - 630-432-6402
  • CMG Financial - 800-501-2001
  • Colonial Savings - 800-937-6001
  • Flagstar Bank - 877-374-3562
  • Nationstar Mortgage - 866-268-2220
  • Plaza Home Mortgage - 866-260-2529
  • Primary Residential Mortgage - 866-579-6836
  • Quicken Loans - 888-485-7305
  • SunTrust Mortgage - 877-648-8753
  • US Bank - 888-831-7524

Southeastern States:

  • Fifth Third Mortgage Company - 866-351-5353

Western States:

  • Eagle Home Mortgage - 800-599-1933
  • Guild Mortgage Company - 800-283-8823
  • Umpqua Bank - 866-470-2852
  • Zions First National Bank - 800-727-8893

Source: Freddie Mac Home Affordable Refinance Lenders

New! Fannie Mae Participating HARP 2.0 Lender List (Partial)

  • 1st 2nd Mortgage 800-562-6466 x248
  • Advancial FCU 800-322-2709
  • Advantage Bank 614-880-2317
  • Alaska USA Mortgage Company 800-737-3033
  • Alpine Bank 815-398-6500
  • Altra Federal Credit Union 800-755-0055
  • Amarillo National Bank 800-262-3733
  • American Home Mortgage Servicing 877-304-3100
  • American National Bank 214-863-5964
  • American Savings Bank, FSB 800-293-2878
  • American/First Heritage 215-969-0777
  • Amerifirst Financial 800-466-5626
  • AmTrust Bank 866-696-4444
  • Anchor Bancorp Wisconsin 800-252-6246
  • Arizona State Credit Union 855-505-HOME
  • Arvest Mortgage Company 800-232-5524
  • Associated Banc-Corp 866-596-3222
  • AuburnBank 334-887-2153
  • Aurora Financial Group 800-648-0345 x152
  • Aurora Loan Services 866-521-3828
  • Banco Santander 787-625-6545
  • Bank Of America 800-669-6607
  • Bank of Hawaii 1-888-643-3888 xOption 81
  • Bank of Stanly 1-800-438-6864 xMortgage Dept.
  • Bankers Bancorporation Inc 866-568-0778
  • Baxter Credit Union 800-388-7000
  • BB&T 888-946-8730
  • BECU 206-439-5772
  • Benchmark Bank 888-683-2878
  • Blackhawk Bank 800-209-2616
  • BOK Financial Corporation 800-947-7061
  • C.U. Mortgage Services, Inc. 800-766-5626
  • Capital One 1-800-933-9100 xOption 3
  • Cardinal Financial Company 215-293-6800
  • Carnegie Mortgage 949-825-7694
  • CCO Mortgage 877-745-7366
  • Central Bancompany 573-634-1155
  • Central Mortgage Company 800-873-6577
  • Central Pacific Bank 808-544-0500
  • Central States Bank 231-882-4462
  • Chase 800-228-4922
  • CitiMortgage Inc 800-248-4638
  • CMG Mortgage 855-264-4277
  • Concord Mortgage Company
    800-441-3456 NW Ohio and SE Michigan
    614-818-4600 Cent. Ohio and S. Ohio
  • Colonial Savings 800-937-6002
  • Consumer Loan Services 877-791-1257
  • CUSO Mortgage, Inc 888-400-5000
  • Denali State Bank 907-456-1400
  • Desert Schools FCU 602-433-HOME
  • Doral Financial Corporation 787-300-4515
  • Dubuque Bank and Trust 866-845-2120
  • Dupaco Community Credit Union 563-557-1700
  • DuPage Credit Union 800-323-2611
  • Durant Bancorp, Inc. 800-924-4427
  • Ent Federal Credit Union 800-525-9623 x6990
  • EverHome Mortgage 800-669-9721
  • Farmers Enterprises, Inc 866-280-9378
  • Fifth Third Bank 866-351-5353
  • First Bank 800-876-5566
  • First California Mortgage Company 877-224-3262
  • First Community CU 800-767-8800
  • First Federal Bank of The Midwest 419-782-3988
  • First Federal of Lakewood 216-529-LOAN
  • First Horizon 800-609-2109
  • First Manitowoc Bancorp, Inc. 920-652-3100
  • First Mortgage Company, LLC 800-924-0788
  • First National Bank Alaska 800-856-4362
  • First Tech FCU 855-855-8805
  • FirstMerit Mortgage Corporation 800-562-6694 x7974 or 2280
  • Flagstar Bank 855-372-5626
  • Freedom Mortgage Corporation 800-847-9937
  • Fulton 800-220-9034
  • Gateway Mortgage Corporation 262-657-7733
  • Gateway Mortgage Group, LLC 877-406-8109
  • GMAC Inc. 877-941-4622
  • GMFS 888-323-7807
  • Great Western (National Australia) 402-473-6488
  • Green Tree 800-643-0202
  • Guaranteed Rate, Inc. 866-934-7283
  • Guaranty Financial MHC 800-235-4636
  • Guardian Mortage 800-331-4799
  • Heartland Bank 866-512-8501
  • Home Loan Center 800-756-0789
  • HomeStreet Bank 800-821-1249
  • Honolulu HomeLoans 808-681-7500
  • HSBC Mortgage Services 800-395-3489
  • Huntington Bank 800-323-9865
  • Illini Bank 1-800-455-4644
  • Illinois National Bank 877-771-2316
  • Independent Bank 888-300-3193
  • IndyMac 877-908-4357
  • Investors Bank 973-544-1091
  • Iowa Bankers Insurance and Services 800-873-9667
  • James B. Nutter and Company 800-217-7334
  • Lake Forest Bank and Trust 847-234-2882
  • Lake Michigan Credit Union 866-242-9790
  • Landmark Credit Union 800-871-2110
  • Land Home Financial Services, Inc. 877-844-7477
  • Lauritzen Corporation 877-687-5626
  • LBPS 866-570-5277
  • Leader Mortgage Company Inc 781-648-7900
  • Litton Loan Servicing 800-247-9727
  • M&T Bank 800-724-1633
  • Marine Bank 217-726-0660
  • Members Mortgage Company Inc 800-316-9790
  • Merchants Financial Group Inc 800-765-2194
  • Merrimack County Savings Bank 800-541-0006
  • Midland States Bank 866-334-7886
  • Midwest Community Bank 815-235-6137
  • Midwest Loan Services, Inc. 800-262-6574
  • MidWestOne Financial Group, Inc. 800-247-4418
  • Mission Federal Credit Union 858-546-2039
  • Mortgage Access Corp. 973-490-8126
  • Mortgage Clearing Corporation 800-727-9043
  • Mortgage Service Center 800-936-8303
  • Mountain America CU 800-277-7703
  • Mt. McKinley Bank 888-515-1774
  • Mutual of Omaha Bank 866-351-5646
  • Mutual Savings Bancorp MHC 800-261-6888
  • myCUmortgage, LLC 937-912-7680
  • Nationstar Mortgage 866-268-2220
  • NationStar Mortgage 866-463-0104
  • Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company 800-811-5385
  • Navy Federal Credit Union 888-842-6328
  • NEB Corporation 877-921-7700
  • Neighborhood Finance 515-246-0010
  • New American Funding 800-450-2010
  • New Penn Financial 888-828-8727
  • Newtown Savings Bank 203-426-2563 x2104
  • Northern Ohio Investment Company
    800-441-3456 NW Ohio and SE Michigan
    614-818-4600 Cent. Ohio and S. Ohio
  • Northwestern Bank 866-935-4357
  • Old Second 877-866-0202
  • OneWest Bank 866-217-2834
  • ORNL 865-560-7499
  • Park Bancorporation Inc 800-359-7275
  • Patelco Credit Union 800-358-8228
  • Peoples Bank 800-584-8859
  • PennyMac 888-884-8194
  • PHH Mortgage 800-210-8849
  • Pinnacle Capital Mortgage Corporation 800-865-2000
  • PNC Mortgage 877-508-3339
  • Police & Fire FCU 800-228-8801 or 215-931-0300
  • Popular 787-281-4742
  • Port Bancshares INC 800-550-9435
  • Prarie State Bank 217-547-7166
  • Prime West Corp. 800-288-7252
  • PrimeLending 1-800-317-7463
  • PrimeWest Mortgage 800-288-7252
  • Provident Credit Union 800-632-4600 xOption 1-2703
  • Provident Funding 800-696-8199
  • Public Service Credit Union 800-437-7328 x2325
  • Qualstar Credit Union 800-848-0018
  • Quicken Loans 800-251-9080
  • Real Estate Mortgage Network 800-216-4341 x3365
  • Redwood Credit Union 800-479-7928
  • Regions 877-536-3286
  • Residential Credit Solutions 800-737-1192
  • Royal Credit Union 800-341-9911
  • Salal Credit Union 800-562-5515
  • Salem Five Mortgage Company, LLC 1-800-445-8600
  • San Diego County Credit Union 1-877-732-2848
  • Savings Bank of Danbury 800-244-6899
  • Saxon 800-594-8422
  • Seterus 866-570-5277
  • Shea Mortgage, Inc. 800-921-8615
  • Sonoma Bank 704-524-6170
  • Southwest Bancorp, Inc. 800-762-4762
  • Sovereign Bank 877-729-4801
  • St. Anne's Credit Union 508-324-7300
  • State Bank of Lincoln 800-847-1536
  • State Bank of the Lakes 847-395-2700
  • State Bankshares, Inc. 800-450-8949
  • State Farm Bank 888-556-3498
  • Stearns Lending, Inc. 877-899-3982
  • Sterling Bank 877-416-6111
  • Stock Yards Bank & Trust Company 502-625-9136
  • Summit Credit Union 800-236-5560
  • Suntrust Mortgage 800-634-7928
  • Superior Federal Credit Union 419-223-9746 or 877-717-2271
  • Think Mutual Bank 800-288-3425
  • TIB 800-288-4842
  • Tower Federal Credit Union 800-787-8328
  • Town and Country Mortgage Bank 866-770-3100
  • Towne Mortgage 888-778-9700
  • TruMark FCU 1-877-TRU-MARK
  • Trustmark National Bank 800-844-2400
  • Umpqua Bank 866-470-2852
  • United Bank and Trust 888-699-0028
  • Unitus Community Credit Union 800-452-0900 x8713
  • Univest B&T 877-723-5571
  • US Bank 800-365-7772 or 877-303-1640
  • USAA 800-531-8722
  • Valley National Bank 800-522-4100 xOption 3
  • Vermont State Employees CU 802-371-3164
  • Verity Credit Union 206-361-5320
  • Village Mortgage Company 860-482-7378
  • Washington State Employees Credit Union 800-562-0999
  • Waukesha St Bank 262-549-8563
  • Weichert Financial Services 800-837-3031
  • Wells Fargo 877-937-9357
  • Westbury Bank 888-829-9221
  • Westconsin Credit Union 800-924-0022
  • Weststar Mortgage Corporation 800-640-0635
  • Wintrust Mortgage 800-999-2649
  • Wright-Patt Credit Union, Inc. 937-912-7000

Source: Fannie Mae Home Affordable Refinance Lenders

What If I Can't Refinance My Mortgage?

Nat, don't give up too easily on HARP. It could make your mortgage payment much more affordable. But if it turns out your loan is not eligible, I have two suggestions to help you keep on track to being debt free.

Years before we suspected the value of homes across the United States were about to plummet creating underwater mortgages, I wrote How to Get the Best Fixed Rate Mortgage. The same principals are true today.

Another note I would add is this. Whether you have consumer debt, an underwater mortgage, or are fortunate to still have equity, most everyone wants to be debt free. I think you'll like the step by step plan in my new book, The Mortgage Freedom Project. Good luck, Nat. I wish you the very best.

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Comments for Does Fannie or Freddie Own My Mortgage.

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Great SIte !!
by: Patricia

Hello Kate :) First and Foremost I would like to say Thank You for such an Empowering site. Knowledge is truly power. I think I have a statement more than a question as I have researched and inquired about everything out there in terms of a Modification, HUD Counselors, etc.

But many Homeowners have not or do not. In the event you are lucky enough to get a HUD Counselor or Mortgage Representative that is passionate about what they do and have a willingness to truly assist a struggling homeowner and not someone who is causing confusion or providing inaccurate and unreliable information, then it is sites like yours that provide TRUTH. I believe that is all most are looking for. THANK YOU AGAIN

If Fannie or Freddie Do NOT Own My Loan
by: Homeowner

Thanks to you I will now call Fannie or Freddie to see if they own my loan. If they do not, what programs, if any, are out there for the rest of us? We have never made a mortgage payment late, have excellent credit, but are seriously underwater. We would like to get our monthly payments down by obtaining a lower interest rate, is there any help out there for us? Thank you.

Hi, Kate here. Hopefully you will find your mortgage is owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. If not, alternative solutions for underwater mortgages are listed at HARP 3.0 Refinance News under "Alternative Mortgage Refinance and Modification Programs". Good luck! Kate

P.S. Don't forget to write your elected officials in the government to let them know you want more options to refinance your upside down mortgage!

Mortgage Owned by Freddie Mac
by: Barton in St Augustine, FL

My mortgage is owned by Freddie Mac and serviced by M&T. Can I shop around for a new company with better HARP rates? I do not like M&T.

Hi Barton, Kate here: Yes, you can shop around. In fact, I recommend it. You will find a partial list of Freddie Mac mortgage lenders who are participating in HARP, right here on this page.

Best wishes, Kate

Confusion, Confusion and MORE....
by: Anonymous

Kate, I will cut to the chase! I purchased my home in 06 with 100 percent financing, a 1st and 2nd mortgage combination but now serviced by separate banks.

1st modified to 40 year with lower interest rate. 2nd modified to 15 year with balloon payment due. I was not aware of the balloon payment.

I am currently struggling and my home is underwater by $200,000. I did an offer in compromise on my 2nd and was told "we are not obligated to accept an Offer in Compromise". Spoke to a broker who says my 1st cannot be modified as it is a "one and done".

Went to a Making Home Affordable Program yesterday and was told as of 6/1/12 new programs to include: a 2nd modification for the "one and done" folks and short pay "find bank to buy your 1st loan at current market value".

If I default on my 2nd, it hurts me for future programs. I have a Freddie Mac on my 1st. What am I eligible for out there on my 1st and 2nd?

Hi Kate here. Going off the March 2012 announcement, a property can be modified one time using the original HAMP Tier 1. Then per the March 2012 announcement, modified once again under the new HAMP Tier 2. The broader HAMP Tier 2 guidelines are intended to help more homeowners.

If that fails, it looks like the next step through Making Home Affordable (MHA) is to refer the homeowner to Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA), HAFA Deed in Lieu and HAFA Short Sale.

I hope you can continue to struggle through with making your mortgage payments until an MHA option meets your needs, especially with the 2nd mortgage.

One more thing, because you have a Freddie Mac loan, have you thought of applying for a new HARP 2 refinance to see what happens. You don't have much to lose.

Best wishes and I hope you will comment here on your progress, Kate

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You can also ask Kate about your mortgage at The Ultimate In Mortgage News.

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