Economic Bailout Plan

by Kidd Karnage from Nashville, Tennessee USA

Regarding Economic Bailout Plan: Once again America has done the DUMBEST thing they could think of with the financial bailout plan to fix the ever growing problems. Instead of delving into the situation of the economic failure that we have been experiencing as of late, they are throwing money at it.


Much like the "stimulus checks" that we all received this past tax season, it will be a complete failure.

Money does NOT always cure the ache and pains of Americans. Congress needs to pull their heads out of their backsides and start actually listening to the American public, because contrary to popular opinion some of us DO ACTUALLY know what we are talking about.

Much like the stimulus check, the financial bailout plan WILL not fix the problem, it will only make it worse, because we didn’t stimulate OUR economy. WHY? We rely too much on outside sources.

DOES FOREIGN OIL RING ANY BELLS?! Bailing out a failing financial system will only turn out to be a hasty fool-hearted move on the part of our “oh so intelligent” leadership, or lack thereof.

I think the latter applies more so than the prior. --Kidd Karnage from Nashville



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