Enjoying Mortgage Rate Refinance Benefits

by Sunil Patel
(Vizag, AP, India)

Ask Kate: Enjoying Mortgage Rate Refinance Benefits Kate, I needed a mortgage rate refinance. The effects of recession and trauma created in the financial industry created a tough time for most of the banks worldwide.

It was a tough time for me too wanting to refinance. My friends advised to wait for times to improve. I thought it would be okay to postpone the home loan while waiting for the economy to fair up. To my surprise, the economy worsened even further.

My dream of a mortgage rate refinance was getting tougher than tough and I almost lost hope. But I was paying a much higher interest rate and what started out as optional was turning into a necessity.

As I was waiting, 6 months later the bank sent me a letter about next year’s installment. That acted as a reminder for me which then I utilized to get in touch with the relevant bank for refinancing my home.

I'm happy to report I was approved for the home mortgage refinance with less charges and today I am enjoying the benefits.

Kate Answers: Enjoying Mortgage Rate Refinance Benefits

Hi Sunil, Thanks for sharing your success! We learn and are encouraged by the experience of other homeowners.

Best Wishes,

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