Fannie Mae HARP 2 Loan Lookup

by Shawna from California

Problems with Fannie Mae HARP 2 Loan Lookup: Hi Kate, My loan servicer says Fannie Mae owns my mortgage, as does the Loan Look-up on their website. However, when I call to get some information that my servicer needs in order to do a HARP II refinance, Fannie Mae tells me that they don't own my loan.


Shawna continues... My loan servicer says my loan doesn't have the right "code" from Fannie Mae to allow a HARP II refinance, but has no information on what these "codes" are. I meet all the HARP II criteria.

Kate Answers: Problems with Fannie Mae HARP 2 Loan Lookup

***zz-portrait-left.shtml*** Hi Shawna,

Thanks for asking a question that's been on my mind, as well.

I have been wondering if the Loan Lookup is performing well.

Homeowners with underwater mortgages who are interested in HARP refinances can use a Loan Lookup to determine if Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac owns their 1st mortgage. This is the first hurdle to cross in pursuing HARP 2 refinancing.

But this mysterious communication surrounding your loan is not an isolated case. Other homeowners are reporting that they are being told in spite of meeting initial HARP 2 criteria, their Fannie Mae loan is not eligible to participate in the Making Home Affordable Refinance Program.

In their guidelines, Fannie Mae reviews a few isolated reasons why a handful of their loans will not be eligible. Or this could have to do with the fact that your loan servicer is underwriting your loan manually.

Manual Underwriting (Refi Plus) vs DU Refi Plus Results

If you have hit a brick wall with your lender anyway, you could try applying to another mortgage company. Not being your loan servicer, they will pass your loan through DU Refi Plus, Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriting software tuned for HARP 2.

DU Refi Plus will determine (for you and the lender) if your mortgage is Fannie Mae eligible. The path of least resistance, this might solve the problem.

However, if you are feeling particularly tenacious, don't sit back and let the loan servicer give you the mystery run around. A loan originator who can't get you answers has a supervisor, who has a boss, who has a manager. Go for it. And let me know please what you uncover.

5 Ways to Trigger No Match Found in Fannie Mae Loan Lookup

If you get a Match Found response after entering a property address into Loan Lookup, it means Fannie Mae is the investor on your mortgage.
Fannie Mae Loan Look-up Glitch

Nevertheless, the government wants you to know this does not mean you are automatically approved for the HARP 2 mortgage.

1. Moving on, what if you receive a No Match Found response? Fannie Mae could still be the owner but you could have made a slight error when you entered the address.

2. Condos are ripe for input errors. It is possible that the database only includes the street address but you included the unit number.

3. Also not within your control, Fannie's database is subject to misspellings. So if you live on Louisiana Avenue but someone at Fannie Mae left out one of those vowels, you will get a No Match Found response.

4. The database is programmed to exclude common Fannie Mae loans yet ineligible for Home Affordable Refinance Program such as 2nd mortgages or Reverse Mortgage loans.

5. Lastly, one more thought on No Match Found. For borrowers who recall their original loan being run through DU software, this does not necessarily mean it was sold to Fannie Mae. It may have been delivered to another investor.

Good luck and best wishes,


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