FHA Mortgage Limits

by Andrew Shveda from Watertown, Massachusetts USA

Frustrated over FHA mortgage limits: Hi Kate, My wife and I are first time home buyers and were pre-approved for an FHA mortgage through a nationwide mortgage bank.


But we were not aware of the loan limits by counties and how much they can vary over such small distances, especially in NE Connecticut on the Massachusetts and Rhode Island borders.

We went looking last weekend and found a wonderful house and in our price range. Obviously we got very excited and called our guy at the bank only to learn that in Windham County, Connecticut, where the house is located, we can only get an FHA loan of $272.5k, the bare minimum for the entire country.

If you go 2.5 miles north we can get $385k in Worcester, Massachusetts. Go 4.5 miles to the east we can get $475k in Rhode Island. Go 11 miles to the west in Tolland County, Connecticut we can get $440k! And 24 miles south one can get $398.75k in New London County.

Is there any authority we can appeal to in order get FHA mortgage limits raised? It seems so darn arbitrary and lacks logic the way it's set up as well as placing this one particular county in a hole with respect to home sales simply because they didn't go hog wild the past few years and artificially jack up their prices. Please help us and Windham County. Thank you.

About FHA Mortgage Limits

Dear Andrew, I understand how disappointed you must feel to find your dream house, then be told because of FHA mortgage limits, you can't borrow enough to buy it. If only you could pick up the house and move it!

I wish I had the power to veto FHA and its loan limits that are frustrating you. What I can offer is a way for you to check out counties on your own. That way at least you are not forced to rely on the large bank originating your mortgage.

Go here to FHA Mortgage Limits and input the county that interests you. You will know immediately the upper limits available before getting your heart set on another home.

I have provided links to uncommon information about FHA mortgage loans at the bottom of this page for your convenience. By all means, please let me know if you have more questions.

Take a moment to bookmark FHA Mortgage Limits to your favorites and visit often for more FHA tips. Andrew, you can also invite friends to comment on this page or ask another question of their own like you did.

Best Wishes,


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