FHA Refinances

by Remington from Logan, Utah, USA

Regarding FHA Refinances: Kate, I have a question about FHA refinances. I keep getting told by my lender that my rate will be 5.25 percent, a great mortgage rate, but I keep getting told by two other friends, (all of us with excellent credit) that they got 5.0 percent.


I am on a float option now waiting to lock in my interest rate. How can I track rate trends and know when to lock in?

Also I know location matters in this situation, so I live in Utah. Also is it worth it to go away from a big reliable bank, and refinance with a smaller company offering a better rate?

Kate Answers: FHA Refinances

***zz-portrait-left.shtml*** Dear Remington, My answer may surprise you. Stop shopping for the lowest mortgage rate!

Instead shop for the best mortgage lender. I have a saying. Qualify your lender. That's what I told my neighbor Robin who has a similar story to yours. You can read it here.

As mortgage borrowers, we are accustomed to making loan application and being subjected to the approval process. But as a consumer, we need to go about this differently. We should actually be qualifying our lender BEFORE our lender qualifies us!

Now I understand there wasn't too much of this taught in school. That's why I wrote the Easy Path To Low Mortgage Payments full of questions to ask your lender. Yes, questions to qualify your lender!

Along the same vein, go to my Six Step Plan where you can learn short cuts to comparing mortgage lenders.

Since you are interested in FHA refinances, I have included more links for you at the bottom of this page, overflowing with useful and convenient information here on this website.

I want to wish you luck with your mortgage. Please feel free to return with more questions.

Best Wishes,


PS If you still have questions regarding FHA Refinances, write me at Ask Kate where every question is a good question.


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