FHA Refunds
How to Find Out If FHA Owes You Money

Wondering how some homeowners get FHA refunds after they refinance? If you've paid off an FHA mortgage lately, you also could be entitled to a MIP refund from the Federal Housing Administration.

Have you financed your home with an FHA loan? If so, you may be eligible to receive back a portion of your mortgage insurance payments when you refinance or sell the house.

Five Qualifying Questions

Begin by answering these five questions about your financing.

  1. Was your FHA financing originated after September 1, 1983?
  2. Was upfront mortgage insurance included in your FHA loan?
  3. Did you make timely mortgage payments?
  4. Did you pay off your loan with a non-FHA refinance?
  5. Or, did you paid off your FHA mortgage by selling your house?

If you answered yes, you may indeed be eligible for a mortgage insurance refund. Next, dig out your paperwork, the HUD-1 Settlement Statement, and do a search for the line that confirms you made a lump-sum upfront mortgage insurance payment to FHA. Locate your case number and your last name on the document.

Then go to Does HUD Owe You a Refund to input your information and set the wheels in motion.

Call the Federal Housing Administration

Oh-oh! But what if your name doesn't appear on the list or you are experiencing other trouble? At this point I recommend making it easy on yourself. Call the Federal Housing Administration regarding your refund.

Here's how. Contact FHA's MIP Refund Support Service Center at 800-697-6967. You have nothing to lose and you may still have a substantial mortgage insurance refund coming your way!

Tip: The call center is busy. Try calling during non-peak hours to reduce your wait.

Never pay a fee to a company that offers to track down the refund on your behalf. You can (and should) do it yourself!

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