Financial Bailout Begining Of End

by Amber
(Grand Forks, ND, USA)

Regarding Financial Bailout Beginning Of End: I think the government is completely wrong to think that this plan is going to help fix our problems. I think this bill and the bail out plan are going to make the situation worse. How can you expect people to work to pay off their debts if they know someone else will be there to bail them out if they let it get bad enough.


Americans are uniting to sit around and let the government pay the bills. It will only effect the hard working tax payer when the money runs out. I don't think we should be punished for working and I certainly don't want to be buying a lunch for someone else here!

I am not happy about all these plans to "help the American people." I think if they wanted to help them they should have done it before giving them the loans in the first place.

Is there any consequences for the banks who allowed this to happen? Is there any consequences to those who did not plan well enough to be able to afford their mortgages? I don't understand the logic in bailing them out at all. I know if I were in their shoes no one would jump to bail me out.

My own family wouldn't pay my bills for me so why should other tax payers?

The whole situation is ridiculous and I don't agree with it. What is it teaching our young people? Don't worry about the bills or responsibility, just go have fun and we'll take care of the tab for you. I think this will enforce a lazier future. It is sad to see people going to college and working hard as the rest sit on the couch and wait for the government checks to come.

Does anyone realize how insulting that is to someone who has worked hard for everything they have. I personal have busted my rear to graduate college and pay my loans. I had to work hard to get a home loan and keep up payments on my mortgage. I have a family to support and no time to spend with them because I am working to keep my loans and bills honored.

So for the government to just forgive debts and pass out lower interest rates to the irresponsible people who had fun getting in over their heads is truly hurtful and makes me want to give up.

Financial Bailout Begining Of End

They can pay mine too then. Why should I work so hard?

Immediate depression has set in even discussing it. I wasted all my time energy and money to try to pay my debts because I thought that was what people were suppose to do.

Is the government able to give back the effort to those who were making ends meet? This is not fair. Many like me will probably stop working so hard. There is no reward in hard work anymore. Where is the economy going to be then? --Amber Lee



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