Financial Bailout Benefits Wrong Group

by Scott from Delaware, OH, USA

Regarding Financial Bailout Benefits Wrong Group: The financial bailout will only benefit the ones getting the bailout. As I suspected, this bailout is a joke. There is nothing in it for the taxpayers to speak of. There is no help for those of us that have already lost our homes to foreclosure or are about to lose them.

All this financial bailout does is give money to those that stole it from the American people. What is worse is that the money given is being taken from the very people who need it the most, the taxpayers.

It is just sickening to think that my tax money is going to bailout these fraudulent companies that helped me to lose my home and forced me into bankruptcy. Was it not enough for them to take my home and ruin my credit? Was it not enough for them to force me to make the hardest decision of my life and watch my partner go through a nervous breakdown? No, apparently not. And the government does not care.

The government is just one big corporate puppet and this bailout proves that. They like to give tax cuts and apparently now tax payer money to the big corporations that treat the country's people in unethical manners. I feel even worse about our government now than I did a few months ago and I did not think I could feel any worse.

Will this help our economy? Not in the long run. I do not even know if it is truly going to help in the short run. We are already seeing record losses on wall street AFTER it passed! I think we are headed toward the worse economic crisis since the Great Depression and no financial bailout plans are going to stop it. --Scott from Delaware

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