Financial Bailout Dumb Dumb Government

by Charlene from Elkhart, Indiana USA

Regarding Financial Bailout Dumb Dumb Government: I think this financial bail out plan will fail. Even if the government bails out these banks, who is going to bail out the Americans? The banks will not be loaning out the money that Americans need.


I think the government should have put the money into the people's hands. They should have given the money to us taxable. This way money would have went right back to the government in tax form. People could have paid off their homes or paid off their debts. They could have went out and bought new things to help rise the economy.

If they would have given money to the people we could have stabilized this country. We could have paid off our debts so that money earned would have went back to the businesses for purchases.

By the government's financial bailout of the banks, they are saying it is okay for them to have issued flexible mortgage rates for housing loans which crushed the financial stability of American from coast to coast.

They are telling them that they did nothing wrong.

This country will see another Great Depression if our governments do not get the big picture. The government never thinks about the people who hold it up.

If we choose to drop them, then America will fall. And if that happens, it will be every American for themselves. And we can get back to having a country that relies on goodness and support. --Charlene from Elkhart



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