Financial Bailout Few Selected Wealthy

by Brenda
(Tampa, Florida USA)

Regarding Financial Bailout Few Selected Wealthy: The Financial Rescue Plan will ultimately fail those who need it most and benefit those who need it least. It fails to properly address the greedy corruption of those at the top and ultimately leaves the middle class bailing out the "poor millionaires"!


Why not consider taking $700 billion dollars and making one time grants to 3 or 4 million Americans and give them the homes? Raise my taxes while we payback something that is for a worthy cause, then finally balance the budget and make everyone including the government have to live within their means.

We also fail to give credit to another primary cause which has been the outrageous rise in energy costs. As a country, do we not have one politician who has the guts to declare war on energy?

Turn the tables and bankrupt our ever greedy oil suppliers with their ever increasing profits! We have the technology and bought up patents, guess who owns them? Why not declare "eminent domain", like the government does if they want to take your land, to seize energy patents?

These issues go hand in hand. When it comes to inflated home values, do not forget our local tax collectors. The more they can force the issue of value the more local governments collect!

Finally, for today's thoughts, isn't is about time to eliminate the IRS? Where is the flat tax that would be fair to all including our "poor millionaires"?

Sure a couple hundred thousand people will lose their jobs, just like us people here in the real world. Let the IRS employees have to adjust like everyone else. The enforcement arm is just an extension of our police state we are reaching, and those in power just don't want to give up the right to manipulate your life!

We are not as a society living up to the Constitution granted to us by our forefathers, convenient amendments to benefit those who need it least but under the disguise of doing you a favor.

Let history repeat itself and we will be like Rome! --Brenda



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