Financial Bailout Plan For Rich

by Not Happy About Goldman Sachs

Regarding Financial Bailout Plan For Rich -- Like Goldman Sachs:
Kate, it is my opinion that the Financial Bailout and Rescue Plan is created by, in my opinion, a group of well-educated idiots! I can forecast that this plan is TOTALLY for all the hard-working American people.


Under the title of financial crisis, the (previous) Bush Administration takes this golden opportunity to pass the tax break, which he's been trying to pass it for 8 years and now he finally gets it! Henry Paulson, on the other hand, helps his former employer Goldman Sachs gets a good chunk of the rescue plan, which Goldman Sachs doesn't need help at all!

Those big companies are chunking American tax-payer money into their pocket!

For those who really need help for their mortgage and living, good luck! You are one your own now. Like Bernanke said, "There is no quick fix."

They just throw our money to their pocket and tell us we will settle down. EVENTUALLY!

Everybody knows the financial crisis will settle eventually, even without government's help! The role that government should play here is to help all of us land softly! Not steal our money with the financial bailout plan!

Only two more months right, Bush? That's why you are working hard to get the most out of it. God bless all the hard-working Americans! --Not Happy About Goldman Sachs



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