Financial Bailout Plan Hopeful

by Anonymous from USA

Regarding Financial Bailout Plan Hopeful: I think that the financial bailout plan was necessary and needs to succeed because the markets are too frantic and irrational at the moment. The financial rescue was needed because faith needs to be restored in America and in the economy.


Individuals and investors are much too afraid right now for the economy to grow and expand as needed for individuals and the nation to prosper. I am hoping that the government's faith in these companies will spread to individuals. This in turn will have more people putting money into banks and hopefully lead to the credit markets loosening up.

Readily available credit is a necessity for the expansion of the economy. Without the only way the economy can go is down because the upward bounds of the economy will remain very limited.

So if the banks have more money to loan, they will be profitable once again. This will help restore faith in the financial institutions which are the foundation of our entire economy. That is why I am hopeful for the financial bailout plan. --Anonymous from USA



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