Financial Bailout Plan Scare Tactic For Gain

by Pad

Regarding Financial Bailout Plan Scare Tactic For Gain: When considering this so called Financial Bailout Plan I can only say that anything created, submitted, suggested and or backed by the Bush administration is suspect. I do not trust anything coming out of this current administration.


This whole financial bailout scheme is nearly identical to the 'we must invade Iraq' scheme. What clinched this belief of mine is that Cheney went to the Congress to try to influence them. It amazes me that the Bush administration thinks that Cheney could have anything but a negative influence upon anyone except perhaps his family, and even that is questionable.

Now that both the Senate and the House have passed the bill and it is signed by Bush I am concerned. I can easily see candidates in the next election using the line, "I did not vote for the bail-out!" as a positive towards being elected much like Barack Obama now uses the "I didn't vote for the war!" line during his current campaign. Of course, by then it will be too late and our economy will be wholly owned by the Bush buddies. I have actually begun looking at real estate in other countries.

I used to be proud of being an American, now it is just embarrassing. --Pad from Colorado


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Financial Bailout The Only Thing To Fear ...
by: Cool Blogger

The Financial Bailout Plan is not a scare tactic. It is a necessary injection of money into the credit markets that will help create liquidity in the banking system.

Remember the famous saying by Winston Churchill. The only thing to fear is fear itself. So here is what I think.

I have been involved in the real estate markets for nearly 30 years. I know most of us go about our daily lives completely unaware of the flow of money that takes place between banks and other financial institutions. So when the government comes forth with a plan about something we don't understand and clearly take for granted it is only natural for us to be skeptical.

Here is my point. Try to view this crisis as an opportunity. It can be a good thing if you want it to be. Now may be the time to reevaluate our own personal finances.

Over the past few years we have grown accustomed to the availability of credit via home mortgages, credit cards, and other types of financing. Begin to look for ways to reduce debt and just as importantly ways to increase income.

I am so proud to be an American. But that doesn't mean we are immune to financial crisis. As Americans we are the most resilient people on earth. So let's begin to take some personal initiative. Lets not wait for the government to rescue us.

My favorite author is Robert Anthony. He has a saying. Change your view of things and your view of things will change. So lets stop looking at this financial rescue plan as a scare tactic but instead as on opportunity to become better acquainted with our own personal financial situation. If we get our own personal house in order we will not only position ourselves to escape the fear but also to profit. And that is very American.


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