Financial Rescue Plan Approval

by Anonymous from USA

Regarding Financial Rescue Plan Approval: I believe that the financial bailout plan will work but it will come at a price. The initial deal alone will not work. The US government needs to continue to modify the deal for it to be successful.

Right now the American people will have to pay for the big corporate corruption. Either way we the taxpayers are going to have to pay. Be it with the original financial bailout or a new plan that will require the government to huddle together which will result in the taxpayers paying for that.

At this point I have to use the corny line "Failure is not an option." The plan has to work, but the brunt of the load has to be spread out so that the economy can recover.

In my opinion a lot of the problems are made out because this is an election year. When we get a new President mysteriously the situation will not be as bad. The whole situation come down to corrupt politics. The politicians that are suppose to be protecting us from corrupt companies are wining and dining with them.

I believe that all Americans should realize that this entire thing is not President Bush's fault. By no means has he been a good President but if you look at the situation we have checks and balances. President Bush is not the Holy Roman Emperor. He can not control everything.

The politicians talk about his failed policies, how about you try being the President with the opposing party in control of the Congress and Senate. The President, by that reason only, is not going to accomplish as much they want. --Anonymous from USA

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