Financial Rescue Plan Failure Long Term

by Jeff
(Winter Haven, FL USA)

Regarding Financial Rescue Plan Failure Long Term: The Financial Rescue Plan will ultimately fail. The reasons are simple. Every time the government sets into motion new legislature, it fails to work as intended.


The government could not find itself with both hands and a flashlight, what makes people think they will fix a problem that any fool could see looming? The problem is that the very people that caused the problem through short sightedness, greed, and stupidity are the ones drafting the bill.

I guarantee you this, we will all pay for this in time. The better solution would be to find the people responsible and shake them upside down until we find enough money to fix the problem. Then we should make it impossible for them to ever operate again.

We should also rewrite mortgage law so quick churn and burn money is no longer possible. The credit market is the cornerstone of every economy. It should be based on safe long term investment not quick risky speculation.


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