Financial Rescue Plan Opposes Responsibility

by Anonymous from USA

Regarding Financial Rescue Plan Opposes Responsibility: This so called financial rescue plan is one of the worst fiscal decisions ever to come out of Washington. With little regard for the Constitution, founding fathers, the people, and the entrepreneurial spirit of America, our congress has plunged this nation into deeper and darker financial waters.


The very nature of this financial bailout plan is anti-American in every way. It rewards irresponsibility, it champions greed, it elevates foolishness, and it destroys freedom.

Once upon a time the creed of Americans was freedom; yet freedom is only free if it comes with responsibility. The freedom to choose wisely, and freedom to choose foolishly. People understood that their actions were accountable, that they were responsible for the choices they would make. So basically, "You shall reap what you sow."

A society that acts in this manner will always prosper, and thus America prospered for over 200 years. Yet we have come to a time when our government deems it right and just to reward irresponsibility, and to bail out those who have acted unwisely.

What a sad day to see the dogma of a nation discarded in times of tribulation. Wake up America, or you will see the end of the days of freedom. --Anonymous from USA



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