Finding The Best Mortgage Lenders

by Melody

When we bought our house, first we went to a mortgage lender who was associated with the real estate agent who sold us our house. The rates and fees were high.

Next, we went to our bank but it was the same story, although they offered a few more options than the person recommended by the real estate agent.

Finally, we hooked up with a professional mortgage broker, certified in our state and we checked his office out with the Better Business Bureau, etc. We got our mortgage at a better rate and with less expenses. We would go to him again.

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Reducing Mortgage Closing Costs
by: Kate Ford

Hi Melody,

I am glad after a couple of attempts you were able to find a mortgage lender so good that you will return in the future. That is the mark of a job well done!

For those who are taking advantage of the current real estate market, understanding how to compare good faith estimates makes shopping for a mortgage lender effective.
Here is the easy way to compare mortgage closing costs.

And with mortgage rates this low, don't forget to lock your mortgage rate. Get the facts on the mortgage rate lock guarantee.


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