Home Buyer Inspection

by Lee
(New York, New York, USA)

Having a home buyer inspection is a very intelligent thing to do when buying a house. Since a home is a large investment, often using a large chunk of personal savings and a mortgage loan to complete the purchase, prospective buyers should always be concerned with what is beneath the surface.


No one wants to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their dream home, only to find out that although it looked good on the surface the electric, plumbing, and heating are faulty or that the roof leaks badly.

When a home inspection is performed, a real estate agent can negotiate with the seller on the buyer's behalf to either get things fixed or to reduce the price so the buyer can afford to fix problems on their own.

With things like toxic mold, the possibility of deadly gas leaks or possible vermin infestation, a home inspection checklist is a small price to pay to ensure you are buying exactly what you pay for.

Consumers are often issued the warning "buyer beware". Why does this warning stop at the grocery store? When spending any amount of money, specially large amounts, it is critical to ensure you are getting the very best for your dollar.

When buying a house, the best way to do so is to have an inspection. The home inspector might make the difference in the dream home becoming your worst nightmare. Protect yourselves and your investment, always opt for the home buyer inspection.


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