Free HUD Home Buying Scorecard

Use this Home Buying Scorecard to take the sigh out of buying a house! If you've ever shopped open houses, you've probably done this, at least I know I have... You think to yourself, I'm finally buying a house. My ducks are in a row. My credit report is looking better and my downpayment is finally in the bank!

In fact, your mortgage pre-approval is finalized. It's finally time to tour with your Realtor, previewing 7 homes in your price range.

The excitement builds as you view the houses on the market. One house has an expansive backyard, another features a sparkly chandelier in the foyer. One home has 3 remodeled bathrooms. Don't forget the one with a cramped dining room.

Introducing a Free Checklist for Home Buyers

At last, you are ready to make an offer.

But confusion strikes. Which house had the doors that wouldn't close? Oh-oh, you wanted to avoid the house with the odd staircase off the kitchen!

Sound all too familiar? What if you'd printed your HUD Home Buying Scorecard to rate each house consistently? Comparing homes would be a snap.

The checklist is organized in 4 sections, Home, Neighborhood, Schools, and Convenience.

As an example, you can use the checklist to note energy-efficient features and score them them Good, Average, or Poor.

Or use the checklist to remember nearby freeways and if the house has adequate drainage.

Print the HUD Home Buying Checklist

Tip: View and print your copy of the free HUD Home Buyer Scorecard before you go out shopping for homes. Why not print several copies, one for each house that you'll be previewing!

Way to Use That Toilet!

Have you heard of this strange fact about the throne in a home? Go here to find out how a toilet can help you determine the age of houses, especially fixer upper houses.

You Can Ask Kate Too

What if you could ask a mortgage insider about buying a house and the free HUD Home Buying Scorecard? Now you can!

Ask Kate™ is specifically designed to answer your questions and create dialog regarding real estate and mortgage financing.

You'll also find a wealth of information at Kate's Best Mortgage Rate Blog packed with the latest additions to this website, interest rate updates and a fresh approach to mortgage lending.

Unique Home Buying Help

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First Time Home Buyer Credit could be yours even if you have previously owned a home.

Learn the differences between Residential Construction Loans - Mortgages designed for building homes.

When private mortgage financing originates between family members, these questions arise.

Ask Kate About Home Buying - Go here to ask me a question.

How to Buy a House Questions and Answers II.

How to Buy a House Questions and Answers I.

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