Home Inspector Worth Weight In Gold

by JEEK from Washington, IL, USA

Regarding Home Inspector Worth Weight In Gold: When you first realize how expensive the home buyer inspection is, the temptation comes to forgo hiring a home inspector. I know we almost made this horrific mistake.

It was best explained to me by a friend who asked if I would buy a car without taking it for a test drive. Obviously I responded no I would not.

Then he proceeded to explain to me that you are unable to test drive a new home and the home inspector would serve as your test driver. The inspector went down his list as I had done on a comparable home inspection checklist online, and the items he listed were not items we would have found on our own.

There were several outlets not correctly wired, there was a mechanical issue on the environmentally friendly septic system and there were some older wiring concerns in the house.

It was also our home inspector who pointed out the cracks in the mortar around the top of the fireplace chimney.

This same inspector suggested we could include chimney repair and cleaning under the heating portion of our condition report.

When it was all said and done, our $200 investment saved us a couple of thousand in hidden items.

If you honestly believe you cannot afford the home buyer inspection, then you cannot afford the house. It would be extremely wise to seek the best home inspector in your area and ask for references.

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