Home Owner Qualifies Mortgage Lender

by John
(Grand Forks, ND, USA)

When I was looking in the market to buy a house I searched the phone book for a Realtor that I would recognize the name and logo of. I went back and forth between two and decided that the first option had friendlier agents and I enjoyed working with them better. They agreed to work with my bank.


Had my bank not accepted my mortgage loan application I would have looked into further options but I did not need to. My decision was based on referral.

I was told that going with the bank I already use would be a wise choice. I was not sure until we discussed the terms and conditions of the mortgage. If the mortgage interest rate would have been too high I would have thought about going else where.

I was sure I had made the right choice when they told me all the details. It was convenient and quick. I would definitely use that lender again. They already knew me and that made it more comfortable for both of us.

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Home buyers and home owners, choosing a mortgage lender should not be a game of chance. Learn how to pick the best mortgage lender.

They don't teach this stuff in school, do they? Robin learned it while refinancing but wished she had known it earlier.

Knowing what to ask is the first step to getting low mortgage payments.

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