Home Refinancing Questions

by Debbie
(Rincon, Georgia, Effingham County)

My home refinancing questions: I refinanced my home over five years ago due to a divorce and took an interest only loan until I got my daughter through high school. Now I have recently remarried and want to refinance to a fixed rate and plan to keep my home.


I live in the Savanna, Georgia area and really want to get a good rate/APR for my $173,500 mortgage.

I have checked online but really feel VERY overwhelmed. I understand what I read but who do I trust?

Kate Answers: Home Refinancing Questions

Dear Debbie, Home refinancing questions, especially regarding who and what information to trust are common due to the mortgage industry's track history. So you are not the only one asking this question!

I remember how overwhelmed I felt many years ago as a new real estate agent being advised to use common sense. The problem, I thought to myself, is that due to my lack of experience, I have not developed a gut instinct for the real estate market.

Shopping for a mortgage is not that different! It is not like any of us were offered a course in school titled "How To Qualify Your Mortgage Lender".

When I began this website, this concept was on my mind. I had retired from many years of mortgage lending so was no longer originating mortgages. But I still wanted to help homeowners find trustworthy lenders and get their best mortgage rate.

So I wrote Little Known Secrets To Refinancing - How To Qualify Your Lender

Well, one thing led to another and you see the website here today. It's over 400 pages, full of tips, solutions, help, advice and more than 20 years of my experiences.

While detecting trustworty mortgage information is not a trait you and I acquired at birth, you can piggy-back onto the ideas you find on this website. Spend some time on www.Get-Your-Best-Mortgage-Rate.com to develop a gut instinct. Of course you can always write back with more questions as you shop for a lender. I hope you do!

I have provided links to more refinancing help at the bottom of the page but why not start here?

You can learn to compare mortgage rates and find the best lenders in six simple steps.

Are you a homeowner trying to decide if mortgage refi is worth the cost?

Then, discover true life stories of refinancing as told by other homeowners and more helpful refinance tips.

Take a moment to bookmark Home Refinancing Questions to your favorites and visit often for more refinancing advice. You can also invite friends to comment on this page or ask home refinancing questions of their own like you did.

Best Wishes,


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