Homeowner Considers Refinancing

by Althea from Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Regarding Homeowner Considers Refinancing: Kate, I refinanced my home two years ago to do much needed repair. At the time I did not have a car note. My car put me down so I had to get a car. My mortgage payment went up about $180.00 more and the ARM will make it even higher in 2009, I am one note behind as of this month.


I have let a credit card bill get behind in order to pay my house note, car and car insurance. My credit score is not good.

Would I be wasting my time trying to refinance to save my house and not get further behind?

Kate Answers: Homeowner Considers Refinancing

Dear Althea, You are very brave to seek out help and are not wasting your time to consider refinancing. You should be very proud of yourself.

FHA home loans are now playing an important role in mortgage refinancing, coming to the rescue of many American homeowners worried over affording their mortgages.

To find out why homeowners just like you are being helped by FHA, click on FHA Home Loans. This is a new series I have just begun since so many US homeowners can be helped with the new and improved FHA home loans.

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