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by Jessie from Atlanta, GA USA

Regarding HomePath Financing, Federal Income Tax Credit, and FHA Home Loans: At the ripe age of 43, I embarked on a journey to improve my job station in the company. These last six years have now seen me in a Chicago short sale.

I lost massively in my final sale during July 2009. Then closing my 3 year home in St Louis in May 2010, I only lost 5 percent. I now have no home to move my family into in returning to my city of original departure.

But I do have a 700 score and about 10 percent down payment available. Are there any good options for me as you see them? Especially with this now being such a great time to buy!

BTW... the career is working out pretty good! Jessie

Kate Answers: HomePath Financing, Federal Income Tax Credit, and FHA Home Loans

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Dear Jessie!

Congratulations on your 700 credit score and having a down payment in spite of the doom and gloom in the real estate market.

You are equipped to continue home ownership. Here are some options.

HomePath Financing

There is special financing available on certain Fannie Mae owned homes. The benefit to buying this kind of home includes low down payment and flexible mortgage terms, fixed rate, adjustable rate, or interest only loans.

A three percent down payment is required so Jessie with the amount you have saved, you would even have room left over to pay for your own closing costs and keep a cushion in your bank account for future needs.

Some borrowers may qualify even if their credit is less than perfect. There are also options for sources of down payment other than personal savings, along with closing cost assistance and appliance incentives.

HomePath financing is available from a variety of lenders, locally and nationally. Check out how to find a lender at Six Steps To Comparing Mortgage Lenders and of course don't miss our ever-growing local lender directory at List Of Mortgage Companies.

Federal Income Tax Credit

Here's another idea for home buyers! Take advantage of the federal income tax credit.

New legislation was approved which extends the credit for homeowners through April 30, 2010 with a 60 day cushion beyond that date to complete closing.

Good news, the program has broadened to include existing homeowners! Here are some highlights:

1 -- $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers
2 -- $6,500 tax credit for existing home buyers living in their current residence for at least five years and wishing to relocate to a new primary residence
3 -- Increased income limits for both individuals and couples

For more information about this program, speak with a lender, accountant or attorney to learn more about how the Federal Income Tax Credit may apply to you.

FHA Home Loans

Jessie, Do you know FHA home loans are new and improved!

Don't be discouraged if FHA did not work for you in the past. In the last couple of years, FHA financing has regained its stature as the premier low down payment choice. In fact, FHA is hot.

Whether you are buying your first home or your fifth, FHA could be your answer. So, I have included an abundance of information for you on FHA home loans at the bottom of this page. Check it out!

And congratulations also on your career path!

Best Wishes,

Ask Kate

PS If you still have questions regarding HomePath Financing, the Federal Income Tax Credit or FHA Home Loans, write me at Ask Kate where every question is a good question.

FHA, VA, and USDA Home Loans

USDA vs FHA Home Loan Mortgage Program: Compare the home buyer benefits of FHA financing to USDA Rural Home Loans.

USDA Rural Home Loans: Zero down payment program for home buyers not shopping for a farm.

USDA Rural Home Loan Refinance: NO appraisal. NO credit report. NO debt-to-income ratios.

FHA Reverse Mortgage Refinance Program: Income without a monthly payment for Senior homeowners.

FHA Reverse Mortgage Purchase Program: Income without a monthly payment for Senior home buyers.

FHA Streamline Refinancing Announcement: Astonishing decrease in FHA mortgage insurance premiums.

FHA Streamline Refinance: Simplest way for FHA borrowers to get a lower mortgage rate.

Leaky roof, broken steps, peeling paint rescued by FHA rehab loan!

Today's FHA home loans are new and improved.

FHA loan requirements and there's plenty of them.

Join the Americans benefiting from FHA mortgage loans.

Lenders require FHA appraisals. Realtors advise home inspection. Why both?

When you call a lender to refinance, do you hear FHA loan limits are too low for your area?

FHA refinance vs myths - Powerful benefits to refinancing with FHA mortgage loans.

Does the government owe you FHA refunds?

A simple way to prepare for your lender's FHA eligibility calculator.

3 powerful but simple tips to finding your best FHA lenders.

VA Mortgage Loans: - No down payment mortgage loans for active military and veterans.

FHA, VA, USDA Rural Home Loan Questions: Unique answers by Ask Kate.

Home to Get Your Best Mortgage Rate from HomePath Financing

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HomePath Program For HomeBuyers
by: Kimberly Brown

HomePath program is a great program for home buyers below are some of the incentives:

HomePath® Mortgage Financing

This special financing is available on Fannie Mae homes with the following logo:

The benefits include:

* Low down payment and flexible mortgage terms (fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, or interest-only)
* You may qualify even if your credit is less than perfect
* Available to both owner occupiers and investors
* Down payment (at least 3 percent) can be funded by your own savings; a gift; a grant; or a loan from a nonprofit organization, state or local government, or employer
* No mortgage insurance* (ask for details)
* No appraisal fees
* Also eligible for HomePath Renovation Mortgage

Contact me for more information: We Lend in 26 states.

Note from Kate Ford: You can find Kimberly Brown along with her contact information in our List Of Mortgage Companies.

This site and its owners cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information or level of service obtained from lenders, brokers, providers, and businesses found in List of Mortgage Companies, Mortgage Lender Directory, Title, Abstract, Escrow Closing, Notary, Insurance Agents Service Provider Directory, Mortgages in Canada Directory, International Mortgage Financing Directory, and Capital Solutions Directory. You should compare and consider all offers carefully.

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