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At How to Buy a House without Regrets, you'll find dependable answers to your home buying questions. I'm Kate Ford, author and publisher of Get Your Best Mortgage Rate. I will be your home buying guide. Let's get started down the right path, shall we?

Begin with How to Buy a House: Questions and Answers, which includes new construction because there's nothing like building a new house to stimulate inquiries!

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How to Buy a House: Questions and Answers

Purchasing HUD Homes - My lender is not budging with closing until there is the FHA approval. So now we are looking at the 203k renovation loan. What is my recourse?

Buying A Bank Foreclosure - The seller finally sent the listing agent an e-mail saying they were waiting on a PMI approval. Does this mean that they accepted our offer?

Should I Buy A Home - My husband is currently unemployed. Is it possible that we could get approved for a mortgage based on our savings rather than our income?

Mortgage Affordability And Why Your Lender Might Not Give A Hoot - Suppose your fiance ends up unable to afford his house payment. Do you think the lender will say, "Hey, no worries. Our bad. We must have miscalculated our debt ratios."

IRS Payment Plan - My husband and I want to purchase a home but an IRS lien has been placed against my husband.

How to Buy a House: More Questions and Answers

Additional Ask Kate Home Buying Help

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HomePath Financing, Federal Income Tax Credit, and FHA Home Loans - Kate, I am wondering how to buy a house. What are good options for me since this is such a good time for home buying.

How To Avoid A Money Pit - I am buying a foreclosure home. Will the bank guarantee my purchase since the house is bank owned? Who can I trust?

Buying A Foreclosure Home - I am looking to upgrade our current home and understand there are numerous considerations in buying a bank owned foreclosure.

Reducing Debt or Saving Money - Which is better for buying a house, paying off my debts or keeping my savings?

HomePath Or FHA - Which mortgage program is best for buying a house?

First Time Home Buyer's Loan - Is this how a mortgage rate lock works?

USDA loan and yield spread premium (YSP) questions - Am I getting ripped off and why can't I get a simple answer?

Mortgage Loan Approvals - Questioning time frames for mortgage loan approvals...

How to Buy a House - More Questions and Answers

Investor Guide To Buying A Home - How to buy a house with no income?

First Time Home Buyer Tips For FHA AND USDA Mortgages - I could use some first time home buyer tips.

Buying A House Without Income - Is there any chance a lender will give us a loan based on check stubs and W-2s only?

Buying A House With Water Test Requirement - Can we contact the lender ourselves and not the mortgage broker?

Mortgage Loan Pre Approval Questions Is it the mortgage officer's duty to go over the mortgage options face-to-face or can it be done over phone?

Private Mortgage Financing Questions - What should we be aware of as we draw up a contract?

Home Appraisal Tips For Low Value - Renegotiate with the builder on a lower price?

First Time Home Buyer Tips - Do I qualify as first time home buyer?

Self Employed Mortgage And Tax Returns - Wouldn't I just supply proof of my income and personal bank statements?

Unemployed Investor - Tell me how to buy a house as an unemployed investor.

Renting Verses Buying A Home - What are tax advantages of buying a rental property and renting it to my daughter?

Mortgage Interest Deductions - We figured out how to buy a house with our parents as our private mortgage financing but what about tax deductions?

How to Buy a House: More Questions and Answers

Buying A Home In Foreclosure - Will the lender use the appraisal of the county as the property value?

Define Mortgage Approval - I was so disappointed. Could not understand how to buy a house.

A Down Payment Dilemma - Is there a bank which values a customer like myself and will approve me with less than 20% down payment?

Mortgage For Rural Property On 38 Acres - Banks are questioning if it is seasonal, rental, commercial? What is the best way to go?

Finding A Way To Buy A Home - I have never done this because my husband already had a mortgage before we met.

Checklist For Buying A Home And Refinancing - What paper work would I need to get started for a home mortgage?

Buying A House On Acreage - If I want to purchase a home with 16 acres included, how is mortgage criteria different from just buying a house?

Buying A House From Family - Will it be difficult for my niece to get a mortgage if I sell her the family homestead for a price significantly below market value?

Buying A House Without A CoBorrower - Are there ways to get a home without anyone coborrowing with me?

We Want To Buy Our First Home - We are very interested in buying our first home that will eventually become an investment property.

Strategies To Buying A First Home - Should be saving the money to pay off the credit card debt for the down payment and closing costs?

Buying Vacation Home Under Appraised By Bank - We feel strongly that the bank appraiser called this one wrong.

Buying A House With Family - I know that our incomes combined would be enough for the purchase, but would we qualify for the loan at all?

Ask Kate About Buying A House - Sometimes I wish my friends weren't so "helpful".

Buying A House Fact Or Opinion - I was told that 2 bedrooms are very hard to sell.

Pre Approval For Buying A House - Would we qualify for buying a house using a first time buyer tax credit?

Buying A House And Selling Your House - All of the uncertainty has really gotten me stressed out about this.

Finance 20 Acres With Mobile Home - No one wants to loan the money on acreage with "just" a mobile home on it.

Buying A House for Rental Units - Are mortgage rates higher if I'm buying a house that's not intended to be a personal residence?

Mortgage Co-signers For Buying A House - I have spoken with a friend about co-signing who will not live in the house. Is this mortgage possible and a wise move?

How to Buy a House - Construction Loan Questions and Answers

Construction Loan Information - What are the pros and cons?

Construction Loan Information - Homeowners feel cheated when a failed construction loan dashes their dreams.

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