How to Get a Mortgage
Meet the Home Inspector

How to Get a Mortgage: Meet the Home Inspector is a mortgage borrower's personal guide to team members involved in the mortgage application process. You've met your real estate agent and mortgage lender. Now let's get to know your home inspector.

Your Professional Home Inspector

Most people buying a house want to know why they should consider hiring a home inspector while they are in the shopping stage. Few of us are thrilled over putting out additional money for a home we might not end up purchasing.

But without the professional home inspection checklist, it is difficult to know if the property under consideration is a good long-term investment. After all, who wants to own a money pit because of an emotional purchase.

Help with Buying a House

No house is perfect and the house you live in is no exception.

The danger when buying a house the second or third time is that you'll be a pro at spotting the same tired problems you have now.

This familiarity can cause blind spots when you are shopping for a home. Your licensed home inspector gives an unbiased approach to your real estate transaction while performing a roof to foundation exam of the home under consideration.

Think of the home inspection checklist as a back stage pass to the condition of the house.

This alone is good reason to hire a property inspector who will go through the house on the look-out for not so obvious high priced trouble makers, such as inadequate electrical systems or issues with the foundation.

Negotiating the Home Inspection Checklist

In some cities, buyers negotiate repairs with the seller depending on the results of the home inspection.

Your Realtor can help with this. Items requiring attention on the home inspection checklist will form the basis of negotiations between you and your seller.

Peace of Mind with Home Warranty

But no home inspection report can catch every single detail. Sometimes even big problems slip past the best home inspector.

So purchasing a home warranty on some of the more expensive components such as electrical, plumbing, heating and appliances can provide peace of mind.

If repairs are needed after the transaction closes, you already covered your bases with a home warranty. Again, this is another way a top rated real estate agent can assist.

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