Improve Credit Rating To Buy A Home

by Danny
(Houston, TX USA)

Regarding Improve Credit Rating To Buy A Home: I am trying to buy a home but I need to improve my credit rating and score by 20 points. A public records judgment should be taken off my record but I also have 2 medical collections that will drop off next year. Both are under $300.

A third collection of $117 will also come off next year and a credit card collection of $1400 is about 4 years old. This is all that is left on my negative accounts.

A bank loan with a balance of $300 is up to date and paid on time for one year. I got this to improve my score.

Could you give me your opinion on which 2 items I could pay off to help increase my score by 20 points?

I am not sure if paying off old collections would help more than paying off an up to date loan account.

Kate Answers: Improve Credit Rating To Buy A Home

Hi Danny, I applaud your efforts to improve your credit rating. I have always told my friends, relatives and clients that maintaining good credit is not an accident.

It is more like health. Taken care of, good credit will help us pursue our dreams. Neglected, credit separates us from things in life that make us happy.

So congratulations for getting your credit back on track. It is a great start to buying a house.

Now for specifics. There is no quick fix. But fixing bad credit to improve your credit rating is possible!

Follow these 10 steps to fixing bad credit and my guess is, in time, you will see even more than a 20 point increase to your credit score.

I hope you'll come back to my website again in the future. Of course, all of my information is free.

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Best Wishes,

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