Its About Time Mortgage News Tax Credit Incentives for Buyers

by Diane Gomez
(Miami, Florida)

Regarding Its About Time Mortgage News Tax Credit Incentives for Buyers: Tax credit incentives for buyers? It's about time! The mortgage news regarding the crash of the housing market has affected everyone. Lenders, owners, prospective buyers, Realtors, brokers, title agencies, attorneys, underwriters; the list goes on and on.

It's time our legislature take some steps to help diffuse what could be an explosive situation. One easy way is through tax incentives.

However small, any assistance will help alleviate the pressure. In spite of being able to deduct interest payments and some closing fees, an additional tax incentive will excite prospective homeowners and might even sway them in their decision to purchase property.

As the foreclosure rate rises, banks will also need to sell properties quickly or face enormous losses. If Congress passes some kind of tax credit package, lenders will be quick to jump on the bandwagon and add their own incentives in order to sell off before any major losses occur.

Hopefully, these will help the real estate market come back to life.

Kate Answers: Its About Time Mortgage News Tax Credit Incentives for Buyers

Dear Diane, Thanks for your great mortgage news on tax incentives for home buyers becoming a solution to the current mortgage crisis.

Best Wishes,

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