List of Mortgage Companies in Connecticut

Welcome to the List of Mortgage Companies in Connecticut. Connecticut enjoys a long history dating back to Colonial times and was influential in creating our federal government. Hartford, the insurance capital of the world and Bridgeport are two of Connecticut's major cities. But enough small talk. You are on a quest for the best mortgage interest rates, right?

Mortgage Lender Directory

East Hartford

David Horgan 888-546-4955
1st Alliance Lending, LLC - 111 Founders Plaza Ste 1300, East Hartford, CT 06108

1st Alliance Lending offers a wide range of lending services. People who are in financial distress and looking for a customized home mortgage loan or refinancing can approach us. We look beyond the credit score and strongly believe in offering personal service at every step of the way. Contact us now at 888.546.4955.


Jim Lumento 203-268-0001
State Finance Company Inc. - 500 Route 111, Monroe, CT 06468

State Finance Company Inc. is the premiere Conventional, JUMBO, FHA, VA, Reverse Mortgage and No Income Verification Mortgage company in Connecticut. We offer the lowest rates exclusively for Connecticut Mortgage applicants and we make the process simple, straightforward and fast.

Rocky Hill

Chris Goodrich 203-241-3994
Northpoint Mortgage - 10 Waterchase Dr, Rocky Hill, CT 06482

Local Connecticut Lender offering lower rates and fees than most banks. No application fees, no rate lock fees, no points. Just honest answers and fast, easy approvals. Call now for a free consultation and custom quote! Call Northpoint Mortgage for more information.


Greg C Kazmierczak 203-402-0300
Home123 - Well Spring Center, Shelton, CT 06484

Over the years, Home123 has been one of America's most recognized brands for home mortgage loans and refinancing services. In fact, Home123 helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve their personal financial goals and get the loan they needed. Our network of mortgage consultants take the time to understand your unique situation, and find the best options for you from our network of lenders. We Get It - The Handshake is Back. Call Greg C Kazmierczak at Home123.

South Norwalk

Tim O'Shea 203-831-0601
Maple Bridge Funding - 55 North Water St Ste 3, South Norwalk, CT 06854

Maple Bridge Funding directly originates short and intermediate term commercial real estate loans for the purpose of acquisitions, refinances, capital improvements and opportunistic situations throughout the United States and Canada.


Michael Stephan 203-227-2422
Settlers Mortgage Company LLC - Evergreen Parkway, Westport, CT 06880

Is good old-fashioned customer service still available? You bet it is. I created Settlers Mortgage Company in January 2000 to offer CT based clients more choices. Located in Fairfield County, we can offer you an edge in mortgage products, pricing and service unmatched in the industry. SMC seeks NOT to charge points wherever possible, so as to save you money. Got questions? Call us for straight answers and application assistance.

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