List of Mortgage Companies in Minnesota

Welcome to the List of Mortgage Companies in Minnesota. Begin comparing home loans in Saint Paul, Minneapolis and other Minnesota cities using this mortgage lender directory. So, that's enough small talk. Let's get on with it! You're on the hunt for the best deals in interest rates, right?

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David Buchanan 612-399-6763
Pioneer Mortgage Funding - 21521 Orchid St NW, Anoka, MN 55303

When shopping for the right mortgage program, it is a good idea to get more then one quote. In your search for a Loan Officer you can trust and feel comfortable working with, I would do my best to earn your business. I have over 20 years in Real Estate. Thanks for your time. David Buchanan


Russ Douville 763-278-0081
Franklin American Mortgage Company - 9298 Central Ave Ste 209, Blaine, MN 55434

Franklin American Mortgage Company is a company that believes in an 'old school' approach to business with new age forward thinking in technological areas. We have a strong work ethic and form leaders who want to serve and develop their constituents by equipping them with all the tools necessary to compete and achieve the highest level possible. We have a commitment to professionalism in how we represent our company and our clients. Professional appearance, timeliness, self-discipline and commitment to daily improvement professionally, personally and spiritually are all vital to our success. Franklin American Mortgage Company offers a broad range of conservative products with consistently competitive prices and supports this initiative with unparalleled service. We are also committed to supporting the character and integrity of the mortgage banking industry that is the foundation for which we work and provide for our families.


Jeremy Redlinger 763-957-0858
PRC Funding - 8100 Peann Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55431

If you are looking to refinance or purchase a home, knowledge is the most important factor to making a wise choice about the biggest investment of your life. I specialize in helping my customer find the right mortgage product at the lowest possible rate. For more information, call Jeremy Redlinger at 763-957-0858.


Derek Giles 507-825-9934
American Mortgage Supply - 123 6th Ave SE, Pipestone, MN 56164

American Mortgage Supply is dedicated to providing affordable home loans for customers with various types of credit records. Whether you want a fixed rate mortgage, adjustable rate mortgage, a home equity loan, refinance, purchase, investment, or debt consolidation, we have a loan for you with the best lowest rates available.

List of Mortgage Companies

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