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by Richard from Eustis, Florida USA

Ask Kate for help with mortgage loan modifications! Hi Kate, We've done the paperwork for loan modifications 3 times and keep getting denied. We are currently 2 months behind on our mortgage.


Richard continues... We have until recently had great credit but now since we are unable to keep up with our payments, we now don't. We first tried to refinance before being unable to make payments over a year ago but received no help from the mortgage company.

Now that we're unable to make payments, we receive daily calls from the mortgage company and also have accumulated late fees.

We do not know what to do and are very frustrated. Our mortgage company received help in the form of bail out money but do not care about helping us.

Kate Answers: Mortgage Loan Modifications

***zz-portrait-left.shtml*** Dear Richard,

After their swift response to bailouts (aka hand outs), there is scant motivation (aka profit) for Big Banks to open their doors to struggling homeowners.

If anyone is clinging to the notion that Big Banks support Joe The Homeowner, glance at these disturbing examples of banking practices gone awry...

Buzz Over Loan Modifications Justified Or Not

If you are like me, you receive several offers for a mortgage modification weekly. These are paid services offering to negotiate on your behalf for a fee.

Catch my review of the best loan modification brochure I have read at Is Mortgage Loan Modification Easy.

How To Avoid Foreclosure And More

You'll find an abundance of my hints, tips and answers to loan modifications, HARP and foreclosure dilemmas at Loan Modification, Real Estate Short Sale, Strategic Default, Home Affordable, HAMP and Open Access Questions.

When you scroll to the bottom of this page, you'll hit the links to my original article series on how to avoid foreclosure. Although the thought of losing a home is scary, nevertheless foreclosure has become a national epidemic.

If you know someone in danger of foreclosure, tell them about my website. Let's spread the word and do whatever we can to preserve the dream of home ownership for upcoming generations.

Richard, one more thing. I'd like to hear back from you. Let me know if this page was helpful to you. Comment here on Loan Modifications.

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Best wishes,


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Bank of America Loan Modifications
by: Anonymous

I have tried to modify my mortgage with BofA 3 times with no success. It seems that they are not willing to help. Every time they give me an excuse. What can I do or were can I go to get help. I'm at my wits end with them.

Hi, Kate Ford here. Watch the blue box on the home page and my blog for the schedule of local Making Home Affordable Community Events. For example, July 17, 2012 is the date for homeowners in Reno, NV and the following 19th in Phoenix, AZ.

Many loan modifications are approved on the spot. So do what you can to attend one. There is no substitute for the helpfulness that occurs at these events.

In lieu of attending, place a call to a HUD housing counselor. They can help you prepare your loan modification application and work with your loan servicer. Call 888-995-4673. For hearing impaired, the number is 877-304-9709.

As a last resort, look into the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA).

Best wishes, Kate

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