Looking For Credit Repair Secret

by Yvette

Ask Kate: Looking For Credit Repair Secret Kate, is there a credit repair secret to fixing bad credit? I have been trying to repair my credit for three years now and would hate to see that it will never get better because of the old debt. Is it true after 7 years that bad credit is removed from your credit report?


I made a couple of bad decisions when I was younger, one being the credit debt that I got into at age 18. I was not aware of the complications of this and have had bad credit for a while now.

It will be seven years next year and I would like to know if this will have any effect on getting a home loan. Will loan officers not see this old debt?

Kate Answers: Looking For Credit Repair Secret

Dear Yvette, Congratulations for your diligent effort to improve your credit rating.

Most of the frustration I see among homeowners is related to trying to repair bad credit history once and for all.

While most credit files fall from the radar of the three major credit bureaus after 7 years, I have seen exceptions with collection accounts. If a consumer does not get a handle on collection accounts, they can take on a life of their own.

Practical help to fixing bad credit is in these 10 simple steps. Don't miss it. Discover your credit repair secret!

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