Mortgage Bailout Not Long Lasting

by Anonymous

Regarding Mortgage Bailout Not Long Lasting: The mortgage bailout sounds like an amazing idea at first, will help kick start the economy again but wasn't that what the economic stimulus package was suppose to do. The mortgage bailout is to keep banks and such open but what happens when the money is gone?


Finding the cause of our economic issues need to be viewed since just handing banks a ton of money and getting people to spend again will not help keep us from going into a major recession. The bailout plan could be the first piece to the puzzle but jobs need to be helped and salary paid or people will not be able to afford to pay the loans that they may take from this.

I don't fully disagree with the mortgage bailout as I think it will help for a short period of time, but looking into the future it does not seem like it will get us out of the rut.

Gas, oil, interest rates are all increasing yet the rate of pay is still really low. People are struggling to make ends meet and yes a loan may be a great idea to get on their feet or keep their homes but no one seems to mention what happens when that money is gone?

I just think before it should be approved many revisions need to be made to look into the future to fix the problems. --Anonymous


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